Parker is a NPC from Metal Slug.


Parker is a businessman who works for a Japanese game developer. He works mostly promoting the company's games around the world, always carrying some AES cartridges, a catalogue of new products and a set of memory cards inside his briefcase. However, Parker
Parker's Suitcase Artwork

Parker's suitcase

is a little distracted, and usually ends having his briefcase stolen (by you, as a pickup for some bonus points), making him blame whoever he was talking with. Usually it is some delivery boy, who runs away crying, emotionally scarred for life.

Parker can be seen twice in Metal Slug 2\Metal Slug X: Right at the beginning of the first mission, where he is talking to an arabian merchant, and at the beginning of the fourth mission, where he talks with a delivery kid. In Metal Slug X, he can also be found inside the Rebel base, seemingly talking to a POW who is tied to a wooden pole. When or if the particular POW is cut free, he will stop gesturing and will just stand there. It is possible he was trying to negotiate a price for his freedom.

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