P.F. Island Occupation


P.F. Island (exact place: Unknown)
P.F. Squad victory.
  • All Rebel machinery and installations are dismantled
  • The final training ends and the recruits graduate
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The P.F. Island Occupation is a small-time battle parallel with the Ptolemaic War and is the event depicted in Metal Slug Advance.

In an unspecified place in the Pacific, The P.F Squad uses a set of small islands to serve as the final training for their recruits, which consists of surviving its environment with limited supplies and weapons. Small time after the last batch of new recruits landed on the island's coast, Rebel soldiers landed in its surface with two intentions: To use the island as a holdback base with the purpose of recovering after its crushing defeat in the Garbage Island Incident, and to serve as Allen Jr.'s revenge scheme for all the Peregrine Falcons' victories over his dad's troops; bringing their leftover, sub-par machinery to serve as heavy weaponry. Neither the Regular Army nor any of its hired arms were available to treat the situation because the Ptolemaic Army was a bigger problem. They took hostages many of the recruits and its installation was completed, but 2 recruits -Walter Ryan & Tyra Elson- escaped the capture and fought back the remains of the Rebel Army, managing to reach the main base and destroying its final weapon, Cabracan. When the commanders arrived on the island, they saw the problem was already resolved. The training was considered complete and the recruits graduated with honors.