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The Ostrich Slug is an animal slug used in Metal Slug 3 & Metal Slug XX.


Probably the fastest slug to date, the Ostrich leave it's rider exposed to enemy fire like the other animals, but it compensates with his speed and high jumping ability, able to jump over large chasms with ease. It comes equipped with a 12.6mm Vulcan, but it only fires in an 180° arc. It's the only animal slug that turns, which takes some time, time that can kill the rider if he is not careful. Attacks from above and lobbing attacks are the bane to the rider.

Crossover Appearances

SNK Vs. Capcom: CHAOS

In the Mars Person's ending of the Ostrich Slug makes a brief cameo when Eri rides it into battle against the Mars People invading New York City.


  • it Appears on Metal Slug Attack as a memorial gift in 3.000.000 download campaign, player can obtain it by login during May 20, 2016 to June 2, 2016, login for 5 days in total during campaign period, player can upgrade the ostrich to gold frame
    • it's one of the most agile unit in the game, with grenade jump and emegency envasion when all skills is unlocked

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