MSA Online

Online (unlocked at Level 10) is the only real-time PvP mode available in Metal Slug Attack and is equivalent to Metal Slug Defense's Wi-Fi VS. Before starting a match, you can change your deck if needed.

To win a match, players must destroy their opponent(s) base. There is a timer of 300 seconds; if neither side is able to destroy their opponent's bases by that time, one side will win while the other will lose regardless of progress.

If one is a member of a Guild, they can initiate a 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 sparring match [as of 1.5.0] against their guild mates (no rewards given, including Daily). Unlike Exercises (played against the AI using the guild mate's deck), these matches are real-time against the other player.

Players can set which message to display to an opponent before the match:

  • Have fun!
  • Serious match!
  • I'm a newbie!
  • Looking for friends!
  • Will complete the mission.
  • Come at me!
  • Not done yet!

At the end of each battle, they can additionally opt whether to send a "Good Job!" message to their opponent. This has no bonuses and is simply a compliment. The battle is kept in the players record in four separate pages.

The first page is very simple, containing the amount of damage dealt, the amount of kills obtained, the amount of AP that was used and their AP production level. The second page lists the top damage dealers in that battle. The remaining pages (2 in 1v1 or 4 in 2v2) lists the units in that player's deck with how much damage they dealt/took, how many kills they obtained, how much times that unit was deployed (along with AP costs) and how much AP that unit gained.

MSA Daily Daily quests offer MSA currency Medal compressed 30 for participating in at least one match [as of 1.4.0].


A popular Online mode as it pits you against a random opponent.

When playing 1-on-1, players can determine the opponents they want to fight in three categories. The game advises you that with less filtering options put in place, you will find a match faster:

  • Everyone - You battle anyone regardless of their level.
  • Within 5 levels - You battle anyone that is at your level, or five levels above/below your current level.
  • Your level - You battle other players that are at your level.

Once you create your filters, the game will connect you to another opponent. Once the game finds an opponent for you, you will be shown the opponent's level, their amount of wins in 1-on-1 mode, and the units in their deck (including levels and unlocked skills).

After the battle is finished, you or your opponent may opt for another match if desired. If you or your opponent agrees to the rematch, another match will ensue.

Note: If the opponent disconnects, they will be controlled by the AI. No rematch option well be offered either.


MSA Online 2-on-2 After Match

The result screen after a 2-on-2 match.

The less popular of the two modes, 2-on-2 modes allows four players in two teams to battle each other.

While less popular with most players, 2-on-2 typically nets more points than 1-on-1. In a 2-on-2 battle, curb stomping can occur more frequently, since players are randomly put onto teams without taking account of their levels. This means it is possible to be paired up with a low level ally, while your enemies are high leveled.

At the end of a battle, players must exit the result screen and select the 2-on-2 option again if they want to continue battling other players.

2-on-2 mode features extra commands for basic communication. 2-on-2 mode wins/losses are separate from 1-on-1 matches.

Note: If a player in a 2-on-2 battle disconnects, the AI will not control them, meaning that they will not send out anything.


  • For every 5 victories (separate) the player is rewarded MSA currency Medal compressed 10 that can be collected in the Mailbox.
  • For every 1,000 points obtained, the player is rewarded MSA currency Medal compressed 5 that can be collected in the Mailbox.
  • MSA currency Medal compressed 30 from Daily.
  • Bragging rights for making top 50 in the Online Rankings.
  • Player Insignia (derived from United States Army) representing Online Rank (visible next to the user name) changes as the total score goes up (see the table below). While it offers no actual benefit, higher rank insignias typically indicate the player is skilled and/or of a high level.
  • The amount of points earned varies depending on performance and rank. The points gained from a victory vary from 50 to 300, though losing players can also gain a small amount of points based on performance.

Note: Medals from Online are capped to 300 per day, after which no more will be obtained until reset (in addition to wins and points).

Insgn. Rank
0 MSA Online rank 01-Recruit Recruit
1,000 MSA Online rank 02-Private Private
3,000 MSA Online rank 03-Private 1st Class Private 1st Class
6,000 MSA Online rank 04-Corporal Corporal
10,000 MSA Online rank 05-Sergeant Sergeant
15,000 MSA Online rank 06-Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant
20,000 MSA Online rank 07-Sergeant 1st Class Sergeant 1st Class
25,000 MSA Online rank 08-Master Sergeant Master Sergeant
30,000 MSA Online rank 09-Sergeant Major Sergeant Major
40,000 MSA Online rank 10-Warrant Officer Warrant Officer
50,000 MSA Online rank 11-Chief Warrant Officer Chief Warrant Officer
70,000 MSA Online rank 12-2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant
100,000 MSA Online rank 13-1st Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant
150,000 MSA Online rank 14-Captain Captain
200,000 MSA Online rank 15-Major Major
300,000 MSA Online rank 16-Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel
400,000 MSA Online rank 17-Colonel Colonel
500,000 MSA Online rank 18-Brigadier General Brigadier General
750,000 MSA Online rank 19-Major General Major General
1,000,000 MSA Online rank 20-Lieutenant General Lieutenant General
1,500,000 MSA Online rank 21-General General
2,000,000 MSA Online rank 22-General of the Army General of the Army
3,000,000 MSA Online rank 23-Super Devil Super Devil

Note: The Recruit insignia resembles the Regular Army's badge, sans the P.F. (Peregrine Falcon) abbreviation on it.


  • Actions are executed with a delay (with a length depending on the quality of the internet connection on either side), so a player needs to learn how to time their actions to achieve the same results as they would have in delay-free singleplayer.
  • Occasional cheating is encountered. However, the chances of this of occurring are very low as each match is recorded by the game.
  • Sometimes a player may disconnect (intentionally or unintentionally). In 2v2 this often results in the disconnected player(s) not sending anything at all, even if they've sent units before.
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