Odette is a new character introduced by Metal Slug Attack. She made her debut in the Extra Ops titled "Invader Girl".

Character Summary

While appearing as a young girl, in reality Odette is a mutant created by the Invader forces - she has the ability to stretch her limbs like the Invader drones.

According to her Metal Slug Attack infobox, while Odette has powerful battlefield capabilities, she can only extend one of her arms to keep her identity a secret. While attacking, her arm(s) change into tentacles which share the same color as her hair. In addition, her eyes turn completely red while attacking.

She's a fairly laid back and forgetful type. It is revealed in Another Story that Annette is her older sister. She dislikes being teased regardless of whoever it comes from, though she will protect her allies if needed.

She seems to have acquired an affinity for ducks, as her "Everlasting Summer" variation sports several duck-like decorations, and even has a duck's tail. During its attack animation, a water-spraying duck will grow from her head.


Extra Ops

First appearing in the Extra Ops "Invader Girl", she is deployed to investigate a terrestrial life-form, with orders to destroy it if necessary. Upon encountering the life-form (a corrupted Sol Dae Rokker), she destroys it when it turns hostile.

Odette later appears at the conclusion of the Extra Ops "Signs of Curse", where she arrives after Annette apparently kills the cursed Ptolemaios.

Another Story

First appearing in the story titled "What I need to be Myself", Odette is looking at the sky when Annette arrives and asks her to spend time with her and ignore the orders given. She quickly deduces that the Annette before her is fake, as she would never say such things. Introduced to Nowan, she initially rebukes him because of how he teased her.

The two later arrive on Earth for a mission, and when Nowan is captured, she goes to save him as he is unable to escape. She tries to break out with him, but is defeated by Allen O'Neil and his son before being locked up with Nowan. Nowan advises her to get some sleep to recover, which she promptly does in a carefree manner. Annette later arrives to rescue her and Nowan from the Rebel Army. When they escape, she thanks Annette for coming to rescue them.




  • The sound Odette makes when she stretches her arm (Long range attack)
    Odet attack1
  • The sound Odette makes when she's drawing her arm back (Long range attack)
    Odet attack2
  • The sound Odette makes when she's defending herself from the enemies that's close to her (Close Range Attack)
    Odet attack3
  • The sound Odette makes when she's burning
    Odet death

Odette moans as she's being burned to death

  • Odet vo death
  • The sound Odette makes when she's about to launch her special attack
    Odet sp1
  • The sound Odette makes when she's launching her special attack (before 4th skills is unlocked)
    Odet sp2
  • The sound Odette makes when she's launching her special attack (4th skills unlocked)
    Odet sp3


  • She is the second original character introduced to the Alien faction by Metal Slug Attack, the first being the Professor.
  • When placed in the same deck, she and the Golden Hunter Walker form the "Special Individual" team. This lowers their AP cost for sorties by 10%.
  • Her character appears to be a reference to Ika Musume (aka Squid Girl) from the Japanese series Shinryaku! Ika Musume - The invader comes from the bottom of the sea!. Both "girls" seem normal at a glance, but are actually non-human "invaders" with stretching capabilities.
  • Her special seems to contradict her infobox details, as she extends both of her arms to attack the enemy while performing it.
  • In the concept illustration, she has a transparent dress that shows her navel.
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