Odette is a new character introduced by Metal Slug Attack. She made her debut in the Extra Ops titled "Invader Girl".

Character Summary

While appearing as a young girl, in reality Odette is a mutant created by the Invader forces - she has the ability to stretch her limbs like the Invader drones. She was sent to Earth to investigate a certain "terrestrial energy life-form"; that being a damaged Sol Dae Rokker known as "Anima".

According to her Metal Slug Attack infobox, while Odette has powerful battlefield capabilities, she can only extend one of her arms to keep her identity a secret. While attacking, her arm(s) change into tentacles which share the same color as her hair. In addition, her eyes turn completely red while attacking.

She appears to be a fairly laid-back type, sedately trundling across battlefields whist yawning out bubbles in-between attacks. She also seems to have no emotions.


  • She is the second original character introduced to the Alien faction by Metal Slug Attack, the first being the Professor.
  • When placed in the same deck, she and the Golden Hunter Walker form the "Special Individual" team. This lowers their AP cost for sorties by 10%.
  • Her character appears to be a reference to Ika Musume (aka Squid Girl) from the Japanese series Shinryaku! Ika Musume - The invader comes from the bottom of the sea!. Both "girls" seem normal at a glance, but are actually non-human "invaders" with stretching capabilities.
  • Her special seems to contradict her infobox details, as she extends both of her arms to attack the enemy while performing it.



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