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New Godokin City (or simply New Godokin) is a city that appears in Metal Slug 2/X, serving as the location of the mission Kiss in the Dark.


New Godokin is a large city full of economic activity, principally commerce. Its infrastructure is primarily composed of skyscrapers, hotels and office buildings.

A wealthy city, New Godokin houses different business establishments, such as coffee shops and grocery stores, which occupy much of the city's streets. Any part of the city can be reached by subway, bus or taxi, depending on the conveniences of those who wish to do so.

The sewers are located near the city's subway system. Thousands of liters of sewage are transported here on a daily basis.

Sky line

A panoramic view of the city as seen in-game.

The Modern Wars

Unbeknownst to its citizens, New Godokin was chosen by the Rebel Army as a site of attempts of accomplishing successful results from a super-soldier project, an experiment which was well-shielded from the general public and performed behind closed doors. Foul stenches were emanating from the research area as they were doing so however, much to the disgust of the city's residents. Suspecting this may be a sign of underhanded rebel activity in the city, the Regular Army promptly took immediate action and sent four commandos to conduct an investigation.


  • New Godokin is based from Jersey City while somethings are from New York City, evident from the cityscape seen throughout the area.
    • If one were to watch Manhattan's panorama, one of the skyscrapers resembles the Empire State Building. Another skyscraper appears to be based from the Chrysler Building, but this can be harder to notice.And under these buildings,there is a river,the river is Hudson River,it meant that the place where player(s) arrived is Jersey City.
    • The city itself is an accurate depiction of large, well-known American cities reminiscent of the Golden Age Jazz and the Great Depression periods.
  • It is assumed that the Rebels have at least a certain amount of influence on the city (with little governmental oversight) as the path leading to the city's sewer systems is heavily guarded by Rebel soldiers. However, as not all of the city is shown in this mission, this is not certain.
  • In the tunnel leading deeper in to the city's sewers, players will have to confront Rebels utilizing stolen trains against them. This hints that the rebels were completely caught by surprise and were woefully low on utilities and thus were forced to halt the Regular Army's advance with whatever they could make do, most likely out of desperation.
  • Hanging too long near the entrance to the subway will result in a UFO materializing into view above the city.
  • Before going in the subway, players will come across an apple tree which can be shot at for extra points.
  • New Godokin City not only appears in mission 5 of Metal Slug 2/X,but also appears in mission 1 of Metal Slug 4.

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