Neo Geo Heroes! Ultimate Shooting is a Shoot'em Up! game developed by MOSS and published by SNK Playmore in July 29th, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable System. It is a spiritual sequel to The King of Fighters: Sky Stage


This game is a expansion of The King of Fighters: Sky Stage, featuring the same characters plus four new: SYD III, a new character who pilots the ASO ship from the Alpha Mission series, Akari Ichijo from the Last Blade series, Iroha from the Samurai Shodown series and Marco Rossi from the Metal Slug Series. Dr. Brown Sugar, from the World Heroes series, acts as the instructor and navigator.

The game plays much like other conventional Shoot'em Up's: the player can use three buttons, one for regular shot, one for special attacks and other for the bombs. By holding down the special attack button, the player can charge the shot up to three levels, thus unleashing more powerful attacks. The game also features a route selection after each stage, reminiscent of the Darius series. It also contain a Two-player Versus mode and a Challenge mode.

While playing as Marco Rossi, he will use the Heavy Machine Gun as his regular shot, which is a strong and straightforward shot. In his LV1 charged shot, he will use his Knife to slice all enemies near him. In his LV2 charged shot, he will toss a Grenade that causes a concentrated explosion upon impact. In his LV3 charged shot, he will use the Enemy Chaser to launch a volley of rockets that will auto-target the nearest enemies. As his bomb, he will call the SV-001, which will then bombard the screen.

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