The Mummy Cat is an enemy unit introduced in Metal Slug Attack, added in the Mummy's Extra Ops.


She was once a female mummy assigned to take care of her Pharaoh. Due to her beautiful and attractive looks, her enemies may have been deceived by her.

Her description in MSA is this: "A female mummy taking care of her Pharaoh. Her beautiful look attracts her enemy. Don't be deceived by her!"


Mummy Cat: Colored blue with red eyes. Summons Mummies who spit out poison bombs.

Tyrant Cat: Colored green with red eyes. Got angry from the Pharaoh's defeat. Currently unavailable as a unit.

Lovely Cat: Colored red with blue eyes. Members of Cleopatra's group; bad chemistry with the Pharaoh's Cats. Summons Mummies to absorb enemy fire.


  • She's the first female enemy in the Metal Slug series since the Eri/Fio clones featured in Metal Slug 3.
  • In Japan, the Mummy Cats are referred to as "Sexy Mummies".
    In a Another Story cutscene, the two Tyrant Cats were called "Tyrant Sexy Mummies"

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