The Mortar soldier uses a long-range, slow-firing mortar. They are commonly found behind cover. Strangely, they will not move from their original spots, even if the enemy is right beside them. Mortar soldiers are used by the Rebel Army, the Amadeus Syndicate and the Ptolemaic Army.

Mortar Types

Rebel Mortars


Mortar Soldiers serving under the Rebel Army.

Amadeus Mortars

Elite Mortar

Mortar Soldiers serving under the Amadeus Syndicate. They are equipped with the same mortar the Rebel Army uses

Ptolemaic Mortars

Ptolemaic mortar

Mortar Soldiers serving under the Ptolemaic Army. Their mortars are modified, allowing them to shoot faster and farther. They are only used by the Ptolemaic Guerillas.

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