Missiles appear in every single Metal Slug Game, and like pretty much every other lethal enemy projectiles, the missiles can kill the player upon contact. Most missiles can be destroyed or moved back by shooting at it. Missiles are used by variety of enemy vehicles, as well as by the player-controlled vehicles and special weapons.

Types of Missiles

A missle 1Hovering Missile: This missile is only known to appear in Metal Slug 2/X and 4. The player can jump on the missile and bounce on it without being hurt.

A missle 3Field Missile: This is the most common type of missile in all of Metal Slug series, for it is both used as a weapon for the player and the enemy. The sprite is used for the field weapon Rocket Launcher. This missile is also used by Flying Tara as a homing missile that chases the player.

Upgrade missleField Missile Mark Two: This missile is the upgraded variant of the Field Missile. This missile is used for the Upgraded Rocket Launcher, with double the firepower of the Field Missile.


Sneaker Missile: This missile appears in the Final Mission of Metal Slug 2/X and third mission of Metal Slug 3 if player take Ostrich Slug route. These missiles appear from the bottom of the screen and ascend to the top of the screen. It is the hardest one to destroy by bullets.

A missle 5 Ptolemaic Hovering Missile: these are the Ptolemaic version of Hovering Missiles. The sprite is repainted from that of rebel's Hovering Missile.

Misil (slug flyler)Slug Flyer Missile:

Misil (r shobu)This missile is used as a secondary weapon R - shobu

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