The Mini-Sub 88 is a rebel submarine in Metal Slug 3.


The rapid expansion of the Rebel Army meant that they will soon need a vehicle for each differing environments on the earth. After some designing, Rebel engineers came up with the Mini-Sub 88, created to explore and conquer areas underneath the waves. These tiny submersibles were remotely-operated and A.I. controlled was therefore require less manpower. This means it can be sent to locations that were normally harmful to human beings. Its larger cousin, U25U, is also remotely-operated .

Upgrades and variants

Ptolemaic variant: Slightly faster and bigger than the Rebel's version.Has lesser shield due to optimize firepower


  • The Rebel submarine looks like a Delta-class submarine[1].
  • The Ptolemaic variant might based from a Typhoon-class submarine [2].
  • Both variants are more smaller and are less destructive.
  • They appear as minor enemies of the game In The Hunt
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