The Meteor Crash Site is the zone which the final mission takes place in Metal Slug 6. It has 5 stages, and is the source of the Invaders' attack on Earth.

Meteor Crash Site Areas

  • Overworld: The player and many rebels will deploy from helicopter, enter the cave system and fend off defending Invader forces till they capture the digging site.
  • Digging Site: The player will exploit a weakness in the Invaders' base by digging down into the hidden hive hectometres underground. Using the Slug Digger, the player may also need to defend himself against Scavengers.
  • The Nether: This is the hive, infested with huge numbers of Hunter Walkers and Crab-Tanks. A lot of trapped Mars people is seen in capsules, along with elite Invaders.
  • The Complex: The player will go on the outside of the hive, and climb up while pursuing multiple rounds of enemies, including a trio of Hunter Lords. A small amount of Mars People can be seen in their capsules, some will help you.
  • The Boss: This is a shaft in the center of each hive, where the player will battle the queen with an SV-001 Gold along with some rebels. If the Queen's nest is destroyed, the player will face the queen in one on one, with or without the tank, but at the cost of the rebels' death.