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07 August, 2015
So, SNK Playmore was purchased by a Chinese company called Leyou Technologies. Leyou's CEO confirmed the company already have plans for SNK's IPs and that they want to follow the "Marvel route", with new games, comics and movies. Now what will actually come of this is left to speculation, but let's hope for the best.
26 June, 2015
The original Metal Slug is now available on Steam. Check it out!
1 May, 2015
Metal Slug Defense is now available on Steam. Check it out!
5 December, 2014
SNK Playmore made a poll via the Playstation Blog asking the fans which titles they want to see on the PSN. Of course, the poll includes their best fighting games such as Garou, Samurai Shodown, Real Bout 2 and Last Blade 2, fan favorites such as Metal Slug X (MS3 is already confirmed), Art of Fighting 2, Sengoku 3 and Twinkle Star Sprites, and some oddballs like The Ultimate 11 and Shock Troopers 2nd Squad.
You can fin the poll here!


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Shoe & Karn

The twin tanks Shoe & Karn are the fourth boss from Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001. A brown version of the tanks appears again in mission 5 of Metal Slug, and another one appears in the subway area of Metal Slug X's fifth mission.

Each of the tanks will strike in a different path, Shoe in the upper path, and Karn in the lower path. They will also come facing each other. Their main weapon is their 155mm smoothbore cannon, which works much like the one from the Di-Cokka, so the players can simply duck under the shots. All the time, the tanks will be firing cruise missiles that are aimed at the characters, and can also fire from the 155mm turrets beneath the main cannon. Each tank also features a "basket" on its side, with a bazooka-wielding Rebel inside it.

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