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23 February, 2014
Metal Slug 3 is already available on Steam! For whatever reason, it won't work on Windows XP, unfortunately.
30 January, 2014
Metal Slug 3 will be released next month on Steam! Check it out! Alsdo check Metal Slug World for a chance to get some early beta keys!
14 January, 2014
First off, (late) happy new year to all Metal Slug ans out there!
In the newest chapter of the "Tommo Vs. SNK" novel, Tommo continues to sell the Neo-Geo X consoles and plans to take legal actions against SNK Playmore. You can read more here.
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09 October, 2013
Tommo has answered to SNK Playmore's demand, denying any breach on their contract. As their CEO said, "Tommo is still taking care of all customer service and product warranties in North America as are our master distribution partners". This certainly doesn't look like a small issue and things will probably get bad. Let's wait for the next chapters.
Read more here.


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The Zombies are enemies in Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug 4. They were regular people and researchers that were transformed by the power of The Ten Commandments of Moses. In Metal Slug 4, the boss of mission 4, Big Jun, is used by the Amadeus Syndicat to turn everyone in the area into zombies.

Zombies are slow-moving, clumsy enemies, but they can zombify any human, both NPC's and players, almost instantly with their infectious fluids. They are significantly more durable than ordinary humans, with even the weakest able to withstand several rounds of fire before destruction. Fortunately, they are slow-witted, easy to outmaneuver, and often trip when fired at. POW are not infected by any type of zombies' attacks.

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