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Metal Slug Defense (Japanese Name :メタルスラッグディフェンス - Metaru Suraggu Difensu) is a tower defense game created by SNK Playmore for iOS and Android mobile devices. It was also ported to Steam.

A sequel to this game, titled Metal Slug Attack was released by SNK Playmore on February 2016[1].




Several years after General Morden's coup d'etat attempt was defeated... The scattered remains of the Rebel Army have become organized again.

Military intelligence finds that General Morden is alive, and planning another coup d'etat.

The Rebel Army and aliens are revealed as behind the mysterious phenomenon happening around the world.

To stop the rebels and aliens from reaching their goals, military intelligence musters troops and dispatches them around the world.


General Morden and the aliens' lust for power pushed the world to the brink of destruction and chaos, only to be stopped at the last moment by the military.

But this does not mean that peace is at hand.

General Morden's death remains unconfirmed...

Could he have survived yet again?

If so, when and how will he attempt this next coup d'etat?

And the aliens, as well...

The heroes struggle will not end. So long as there is a battle to be won on our world, they will be there.


The gameplay is a one vs one tower defense/strategy game, with two "sites" on either side of the stage where units are spawned. The main objective of the game is to destroy the opposing site by any means.

Once the game begins, forces begin accruing "AP", which is used to produce units that automatically advance toward the enemy's site. These units can either assault enemies, construct objects that impede enemies or support allied units, or produce additional units at no cost. Paying Rumi Aikawa a certain amount of AP will improve the rate that AP builds as well as the maximum AP that can be held at once. 

Most units have both a standard attack and a special attack. When the unit is within range of an enemy unit or structure, it will begin its standard attack. After a predetermined length of time, the unit's special attack will be available, indicated by a light blue "aura" surrounding that unit. Tapping that unit activates its special attack, which is instantly used. After finishing the special attack, the unit will continue with its standard attack until the special attack is charged again. A maximum of ten units can be in a deck in a fight.

After a sufficient length of time, a "Metal Slug Attack" (MSA) will be made available. Activating this will send a rapid-moving Metal Slug barreling toward the opposing side, exploding on impact. The MSA will run over (and instantly kill, regardless of amount of health) any light infantry, but will explode after running over ten units in a row. The MSA will also explode on impact with any vehicles or "heavier" infantry (includes Tar Men and Zombie Marco). 


Two currencies are available: Metal Slug Points (MSP) and Medals. MSP is won from completing stages, and can be used to improve base qualities or increase unit health. REWARD-UPs can be used prior to starting a stage, and will increase MSP earnings by 50%, even after losing. Medals are premium currency, and are used to either purchase tools, swap for MSP, or purchase units from the store. Players have the option of buying Medals.

Similarly to all Metal Slug games, POWs can be found and freed and reward the player with certain benefits (albeit not in the same manner). Freeing one POW for each stage in a location usually activates a special ability that improves the player's fighting capabilities, such as reducing the cooldown time for units to be produced or increasing the MSP earned from completing a stage, with each subsequent POW rescued adding on greater benefits.

At each stage completion, a letter grade is assigned to the player based on how long he/she took to complete that stage (D, C, B, A, S, from lowest to highest). The faster the player completes the stage, the higher the letter grade, and the more bonus MSP is awarded. 

EMERGENCY stages will occur at certain times of the day, and appear as red locations rather than blue. These stages are accessible for a one hour time frame, after which they disappear. Rescuing all POWs (regardless of how long it took) awards the player with a unique unit, removes the accessible time frame (making it available at all times), and unlocks the subsequent EMERGENCY stage.

List of units

Free Units

The following units are awarded to players as they progress through the game. *Max level unlocked

Unit AP HP (Max) Standard (Range) Special (Range) Speed Production Acquisition
Soldier 30 200 (500) Knife (Very Short) Grenade (Normal) Normal Very Fast ---
Sandbag 40 1200 (2400)


--- --- Very Fast Slow ---
Marco 60 320 (640) Handgun (Normal) Heavy Machine Gun (Normal) Normal Slow Clear World 1: Area 1
Tarma 65 360 (720) Handgun (Short) Shotgun (Short) Fast Normal Clear World 1: Area 2
Eri 70 250 (500) Handgun (Long) Laser Gun (Very Long) Normal Slow Clear World 1: Area 3
Fio 75 260 (520) Handgun (Normal) Rocket Launcher (Long) Normal Slow Clear World 1: Area 4
SV-001 250 2000 (5000) Vulcan (Long) Cannon (Long) Normal Very Slow Clear World 1: Area 5
SV-Camel 80 700 (1400) Machine Gun (Normal) Rapid-Fire Grenades (Normal) Normal Slow Rescue all POWs in World 1: Final Area

3-Ton Utility Truck

100 1000 (2500) --- --- Normal Very Slow Rescue all POWs in World 1: Emergency Area 1
Di-Cokka 100 900 (1800) H-Cannon (Long) 3-Shot H-Cannon (Long) Slow Slow Rescue all POWs in World 1: Emergency Area 2
NOP-03 Sarubia 200 3500 (7000) Cannon (Normal) 2-Shot Cannon (Normal) Very Slow Very Slow Rescue all POWs in World 1: Emergency Area 3
Hopper Mecha 50 800 (1600) Self-Destruct (Very Short) Massive Self-Destruct (Very Short) Normal Fast Rescue all POWs in World 1: Emergency Area 4
Zombie Marco 240 1800 (3600) Handgun (Normal) Vomit Laser (Very Long) Slow Very Slow Rescue all POWs in World 2: Final Area
Abul Abbas 130 1500 (3000) Sword (Very Short) Call Subordinates Fast Slow Rescue all POWs in World 2: Emergency Area 1
Allen O'Neil 350 3500 (7000) Heavy Machine Gun (Long) Grenade (Very Long) Fast Slow Rescue all POWs in World 2: Emergency Area 2
Donald Morden 950 7000 (14000) Bazooka (Short) Hi-Do Bombing Run (Very Long) Slow Very Slow Rescue all POWs in World 2: Emergency Area 3
Mars People 45 300 (600) Ray Gun (Long) Warp (Long) Slow Very Fast Rescue all POWs in World 2: Emergency Area 4
Ostrich Slug 80 600 (1200) Machine Gun (Long) Grenade (Long) Very Fast Slow Day 15 Log-in Bonus
Elephant Slug 400 4000 (8000)


Vulcan (Long) Flamethrower (Very Long) Slow Very Slow Day 30 Log-in Bonus
Fat Marco 55 handgun Heavy Machinegun (spread) Rescue all POWs in Another World 1: Daily Event (Monday)
Fat Tarma 60 handgun Shotgun Rescue all POWs in Another World 1: Daily Event (Tuesday)
Fat Eri 65 handgun Laser

(Very Long)

Rescue all POWs in Another World 1: Daily Event (Wednesday)
Fat Fio 70 handgun rocket launcher Rescue all POWs in Another World 1: Daily Event (Thursday)
Slug Copter 240 (1600) Vulcan - Normal Slow Rescue all POWs in Another World 1: Daily Event (Friday)
Flying Tara 70 (750) Drops missile - Very Fast Fast Rescue all POWs in Another World 1: Daily Event (Saturday)
Samurai Planes 180 Vulcan - Fast Slow Rescue all POWs in Another World 1: Daily Event (Sunday)
10000000TARO 100 (2500) Roundhouse Kick

(Very Short)

Shock Wave (Short) Normal Very Slow Free event, 10,000,000 players celebration.
Trevor (Mummy) 100 Rescue all POWs in World 3: Final Area
Elite Arabian Soldier 90 Sword

(Very Short)



Normal Normal Rescue all POWs in World 3: Emergency Area 1
Cyborg Allen O'Neil 400 Heavy Machine Gun


Grenade (Very Long) Normal Very Slow Rescue all POWs in World 3: Emergency Area 2
Morden Robot 140 (4000)


Bazooka (Normal) Bazooka (Normal) Normal Slow Rescue all POWs in World 3: Emergency Area 3
Mars People Cadre 60 (2000) Ray Gun (Long) Ray Gun (Long) Normal Long Rescue all POWs in World 3: Emergency Area 4

Purchasable Units

The following units are added to the unit shop, as players progress through the game.

Unit AP HP (Max) Standard (Range) Special (Range) Speed Production Price
Rebel Infantry 25 180 (360) Knife (Very Short) Grenade (Normal) Normal Very Fast

10 Medals

Bazooka Soldier 30 180 (360) Bazooka (Normal) Rapid-Fire Bazooka (Normal) Normal Very Fast 10 Medals
Rebel Rifleman 35 180 (360) Rifle (Long) Rapid-Rifle Fire (Long) Normal Very Fast 10 Medals
Shielded Soldier 30 500 (1000) Sword (Very Short) Shield-Push (Short) Normal Fast 20 Medals
Gatling Soldier 40 260 Gatling (Long) Rapid-Gatling-Fire (Long) Slow Fast 20 Medals
Bikers 50 500 (1000) Bazooka (Normal) Rapid-Fire-Bazooka (Normal) Very Fast Fast 20 Medals
Mummy 40 800 Mummy Poison (Very Short) Poison Bullet (Long) Slow Fast 90 Medals
Dog Mummy 35 450 Mummy Poison (Short) Mummy Poison *3 (Short) Fast Fast 90 Medals
Mummy Generator 100 1500 --- --- --- Very Slow 120 Medals
Arabian Fighter 35 450 (900) Sword (Very Short) Rapid Swing (Very Short) Fast Very Fast 20 Medals
Arabian Soldier 30 250 (500) Sword (Very short) Sword-Throw (Normal) Normal Very Fast 10 Medals
Camel Rider 40 800 (1600) Handgun (Normal) Rapid-Fire Handgun (Normal) Fast Very Fast 20 Medals
Chowmein-Conga 40 600 (1200) Claw Strike Foam Shot Normal Very Fast 30 Medals
Ohumein-Conga (Red) 240 3000 Foam Claw Rush Fast Slow 150 Medals
Ohumein-Conga (Green) 240 3200 Foam Claw Rush Normal Slow 150 Medals
Ohumein-Conga (Brown) 240 3600 Foam Claw Rush Slow Slow 150 Medals
Crab Nest 100 1500 (3000) --- --- Very Fast Very Slow 120 Medals
Zombie (Man) 45 600 Bodily Fluids (Short) Bodily Fluids (Normal) Slow Very Fast 20 Medals
Zombie (Woman) 45 500 Bodily Fluids (Short) Bodily Fluids (Normal) Slow Very Fast 20 Medals
Zombie (Fattish Man) 45 800 Bodily Fluids (Short) Bodily Fluids (Normal) Slow Fast 20 Medals
Rebel Zombie 45 700 (1400) Self-Destruct Massive Self-Destruct Slow Fast 50 Medals
Tar Man 75 1200 (2400)


Bodily Fluids (Normal) Bodily Fluids (Normal) Slow Fast 100 Medals
Anti Air-Craft 60 850 --- --- --- Normal 30 Medals
Spike Bunker 70 800 --- --- --- Normal 30 Medals
Iron Iso 120 play World2, East Asia stage 2 Slow 30 Medals
Girida-O 70 Tank Cannon (Normal) Rapid-Fire Tank Cannon (Normal) Normal Slow
M-15A Bradney 90 Large Missile Rapid-Fire Large Missile Normal Slow 30 Medals
T-2B Melty Honey 210 40 Medals
Mutated Soldier 40 500 Self-Destruct Massive Self-Destruct Fast Very Fast 50 Medals
Slugnoid 80 1100 (2200) Double Machine Gun Iron Lizard Normal Normal 60 Medals
Drill Slug 150 2000 [5000] Machine Gun Drill Fast Slow 60 Medals
Bradley 100 1800 Vulcan Rapid-Fire Large Missile Fast Slow 60 Medals
Metal Crow 220 3600 Vulcan Rocket Launcher Slow Slow 60 Medals
Sasquatch 90 Fast
Utan 40 260 Uzi Rapid-Fire Uzi Slow Fast 100 Medals
SV-001 Experimental 220 Free all POW's on World 1, Final Stage. Slow 100 Medals
SV-001 Type-R 220 2500 Free all POW's on World 1, Final Stage. Slow 100 Medals
Mars Mecha 400 5000 (10000) Very Slow 100 Medals
Ring Laser Mecha 100 Normal 100 Medals
Hyakutaro 80 320 Energy Ball 5-Shot Energy Ball Slow Normal 120 Medals
Man Eater 80 World2, South America, Stage3 Fast 120 Medals
LV Armor 80 1200 Machine Gun (Long) Cannon (Long) Normal Slow 120 Medals
Slug Gunner 270 3600 [9000] Very Slow 180 Medals
Shoe 350 5000 [12500] Cannon/Missile (Long) Slow Very Slow 220 Medals
Karn 350 5000 [12500] Cannon/Missile (Normal) Rapid-Fire Cannon (Long) Slow Very Slow 220 Medals
Monoeye 180 World2, North Asia, play all stages Normal 240 Medals
Iron Nokana 450 Slow 270 Medals
Jupiter King 900 6000 (15,000 hp at lvl 30) Spread/Long: Beam Laser --- play all stages on world2, stage10 Very Slow 300 Medals

New Purchasable Units

The following units were added to the unit shop when updates have been made to the game.

Unit AP HP (Max) Standard (Range) Special (Range) Speed Production Price
Ralf 120 1600 (3200) Flame Shot (Normal) Galactic Ghost (Long) Normal Slow 150 Medals
Clark 140 1200 (2400) Iron Lizards (Long) Super Argentine Backbreaker (Long) Normal Slow 150 Medals
Leona 80 1400 (2800) Knife (Very Short) Moon Slash (Very Short) Very Fast Slow 150 Medals
Trevor 100 1000 (2000) Two Machine Guns (Long) Jumping Two Machine Guns (Long) Fast Slow 100 Medals
Nadia 80 700 (1400) Slow 100 Medals
Samurai Infantry 30 400 KATANA (Very Short) Cannonball (Long) Fast Very Fast 20 Medals
Samurai Tanks 80 1500 (3000) Tank Cannon (Long) Rapid-Fire Tank Cannon (Long) Normal Slow 30 Medals
Maggot 90 500 (1000) Diving Attack (Very long) Stampede (Very Long) --- Normal 20 Medals
Big Snail 120 1800 (3600) Acid Spit (Short) Protect Normal Slow 40 Medals
Giant Caterpillar 380 (9000) Acid Bubbles Stampede Slow Very Slow
Mini U.F.O 80 Normal 120


Iron Nokana MK II 420 Very Slow 280 Medals
Clone Fio (Zombie) 180 1400 Handgun (Normal) Vomit Laser (Very Long) Slow Slow 100 Medals
Clone Eri 60 700 Machine Gun (Normal) Flame Shot (Normal) Normal Fast 100 Medals
Metal Rear 600 7500 (15000) Heavy Vulcan (Long) Heavy Vulcan Strafe (Very Long) Normal Very Slow 280 Medals
Guerrilla 35 400 Knife (Short) Powered up hand gun (Normal) Fast Very Fast 25 Medals
Shielded Guerrilla 45 800 Handgun (Short) Shield Normal Fast 25 Medals
Bazooka Guerrilla 40 400 [1000] Bazooka (Normal) Rapid-Fire Bazooka (Normal) Normal Very Fast 25 Medals
Special Force 65 700 [1750] Bomb (Normal) Bomb setting up (Normal) Normal Very Fast 30 Medals
Gunner Unit 85 1600 Punch (Very Short) Rapid-Fire Vulcan (Long) Normal Slow 90 Medals
Hover Units 240 200 [500] Drops Missile (Normal) --- Very Fast Fast 120 Medals
Flying Killers 160 Slow Very Fast 100 Medals
R-Shobu 300 800 (1600)


Missile Bomb Release Fast Normal 200 Medals
Hover Vehicle 140 500 [1250] Stealth Bombing (Normal) --- Normal Slow 210 Medals
Sniper 50 700 Rifle (Long) Snipe (Very Long) Normal Normal 90 Medals
Commander 200 900 [2250] Sortie orders, Air Army (Long) Power Up Handgun (Long) Normal Slow 220 Medals
MG Unit 85 1200 Machine Gun (Long) Machine Gunfire (Long) Normal Slow 100 Medals
Claw Unit 100 *4000 Charge Strike Normal Normal 180 Medals
MV-280B 90 800 Rocket Launcher (Long) Charge (Long) Very Fast Slow 120 Medals
Patrol Robot 160 1000



Laser Laser Slow Slow 240 Medals
Girida-O Ver. P.M 180 2800 Tank Cannon (Normal) Rapid-Fire Tank Cannon (Normal) Normal Slow 150 Medals
Di-Cokka Ver. P.M 200 3000 H-Cannon (Long) 3-Shot H-Cannon (Long) Slow Slow 180 Medals
Flying Tara Ver. P.M 100 500 Drops Missile (Very Long) --- Very Fast Fast 180 Medals
Special Force (Rider) 90 900 [2250] Special (Very Long) Special (wheelie) (Very Long) Normal Fast 200 Medals
Hazmat Soldier 30 400 Grenade (Short) Grenade (Long) Normal Fast 90 Medals
Scientist (Zombie) 35 700 --- --- Slow Very Fast 60 Medals
Augensterm 450 6000 [15000] Vulcan (Normal) Wire (Normal) Normal Very Slow 240 Medals
Slug Flyer 400 2000 [5000] Missile (Very Long) Vulcan (Very Long) Fast Slow
Slug Gunner Prototype 320 3000


Vulcan (Long) Cannon (Very Long) Normal Slow 230 Medals
Donkey Slug 100 1500


Vulcan (Long) Cannon (Long) Normal Slow 120 Medals
Kyo Kusanagi 140 4500


Yami Barai (Long) Orochinagi (Long) Normal Slow 300 Medals
Benimaru Nikaido 90 4250


Raijinken (Very Short) Raikouken (Very Short) Very Fast Slow 300 Medals
Goro Daimon 170 7500


Standing SK (Short) Jirai Shin (Very Long) Normal Slow 300 Medals
Iori Yagami 140 2400


Aoi Hana (Medium)
Oniyaki (Short)
Saika (Medium) Normal Fast 300 Medals
Mature 120 1600


Metal Massacre (Short) Ebony Tears (Very Long) Normal Fast 300 Medals
Vice 120 2000


Mayhem (Medium) Outrage (Medium) Normal Fast 300 Medals


The following are packs of units that can be purchased at a lower price set. (The price of a pack will not change if the player already has a unit that is in a pack.)

Pack Unit Set Price Save Medals Included
Soldier Pack 7 70 Medals 20 Medals
  • Rebel Infantry
  • Bazooka Soldier
  • Rebel Rifleman
  • Shielded Soldier
  • Gatling Soldier
  • Bikers
Mummy Pack 3 270 Medals 30 Medals

(10% off)

  • Mummy
  • Mummy Dog
  • Mummy Generator
Arabian Pack 3 40 Medals 10 Medals

(20% off)

  • Arabian Fighter
  • Arabian Soldier
  • Camel Rider
Crab Pack 5 500 Medals

100 Medals

(17% off)

  • Chowmein-Conga
  • Ohumein-Conga (Red)
  • Ohumein-Conga (Green)
  • Ohumein-Conga (Brown)
  • Crab Nest
Zombie Pack 5 180 Medals

20 Medals

(14% off)

Monkey Pack 4 300 Medals (17% off)
  • Marco (Monkey)
  • Fio (Monkey)
  • Trevor (Monkey)
  • Nadia (Monkey)
Soldier Pack (Ver. Winter) 6 140 Medals (12% off)
  • W. Rebel Infantry
  • W. Shield Soldier
  • W. Rocket Bomb Soldier
  • W. Bazooka Soldier
  • W. Mortar
  • W. Rebel Rifleman
Future Rebel Pack 4 240 Medals (20% off)
  • F. Rebel Infantry
  • F. Shield Soldier
  • F. Rocket Soldier
  • F. Bazooka Soldier

NPC Units

The following is a chart of units that cannot be obtained by the player but appears as bosses, bases or support enemiy units. (Some of the NPC units are edited to available in later version)

Unit HP (Max HP) Standard (Range) Special (Range) Speed
Tetsuyuki 5000


---- Laser

(Very Long)

Cannot Move
Huge Hermit (Early Stage Version) 10000



(Very Short)

Claw Rush


Dragon Nosuke 10000


Cannon (Short) Giant Machine Gun (Long) Very Slow
Big Shiee (NPC Version that the Treads was not clearly seen.) 20000


Primary Battery (Long) Secondary Battery (Short) Very Slow
Subway 3000



(Very Short)

---- Fast
The Keesi (The First Version without Bull Chan on its wing.) 10000


Jet Engine (Normal) ---- Very Slow
Monoeye UFO 6000


Monoliths Drop (Long) Rapid Drop Monoliths (Very Long) Cannot Move
Huge Hermit (Full Performance Version) 10000


Fireball Cannon


Giant Cannon


Emain Macha(Green) 15000


Turret Cannon (Long) Rapid-Fire Cannon (Very Long) Slow
Emain Macha(Red) 15000


Turret Cannon (Long) Rapid-Fire Cannon (Very Long) Very Fast
Tani Oh 20000


Railgun (Short) Hydro Cannon (Very Short) Slow
Hozmi 20000


Energy Sphere (Long) Energy Cannon (Very Short) Very Slow

Steam DLC Packs

The DLC on Steam release are purchaseable by purchase on METAL SLUG DEFENSE Steam DLC Page.

Pack Unit Set Price Included
"KOF Pack" Vol.1 7 $8.80 Steam Wallet
“Regular Army Pack” Vol.1 3 $5.31 Steam Wallet

Recommended Purchased Units

If money is an issue and budgeting Medal reserves is necessary, these units are good choices to have. Disclaimer: the following are opinion based. Usefulness is largely dependent on playstyle.

  • SV-001 Experimental (100 Medals): Great health and range. Speed is subpar but not an issue. An improvement over standard SV-001 but cheaper to produce.
  • Girida-O (30 Medals): Excellent choice for starting players. Cheap to produce, strong attack with stronger special attack
  • Slugnoid (60 Medals): "Crowd buffer" unit. Good range, with an unpredictable (but nonetheless useful) special attack.
  • LV Armor (120 Medals): Improved version of Slugnoid. Identical range, but special attack is instant and reliable
  • Hyakutaro (120 Medals): Unparalleled range, great special attack, very cheap to produce. Works wonders when given enough allied units to hide behind.
  • Chowmein-Conga (30 Medals): Cheap, fast moving, fast producing with extraordinary armor. Can easily overwhelm opponent from start to finish. 
  • Bikers (20 Medals): Fast moving, fast producing. Allows extra damage to be dealt when heavy units are still on cooldown. Keeps up pressure while units are moving across battlefield.
  • Mars Mecha (100 Medals): "Tank" unit. Not very useful for attacking, but large hitbox easily diverts damage away from allied units. Cannot be knocked back.
  • Vanguard (220 Medals): Expensive to produce (450 AP) but extremely powerful. Most common units can be killed with three oft it's shots. Three of them at lv. 30 can beat even the most difficult Levels on their own.
  • Hi-Do (400 Medals): 2nd Most expensive unit in the game, but also extremely powerful. Both in attack and defense. Morden fires rockets at enemies that are close while a barrage of 6 missiles bombard enemies at long range. It's special attack is to fly above above enemy units and open up with it's chain gun for heavy damage, then it flies back to behind your base.

Wi-Fi VS

In the presence of Wi-Fi, the player can access "Wi-Fi VS", which pits the player against other human players in ranked matches. Players on iOS may also play matches against friends from the Game Center. Completing matches earns points to the player's name, and match outcomes are tallied on the Wi-Fi VS home page (though opponents will only be able to view number of wins). 3 Medals are awarded to the player for every 20,000 points accumulated, and a sum of 1,000 MSP is awarded for every loss incurred.

2-On-2 VS

As of version 1.5.0 of the game, a new mode has been added where you can play 2-on-2 matches that includes a chat feature. Every 5 wins in this game mode will give you 3 Medals along with the 3 Medals obtained every 20,000 points accumulated in both modes (1-on-1 and 2-on-2).


Player rank


  • This game recycles stuff from Metal Slug Wars like themes, characters art & design.
  • This game marks the official debut of Heidern and Whip from the King of Fighters series in the Metal Slug universe.
  • This game revealed many official names of the enemies likes The Invaders, Bull Drill, Crablops and much more.
  • While Metal Slug Defense derives its assets from the first three Metal Slugs, MSD is most heavily influenced by Metal Slug 3. Most of the game's backgrounds, units, and stage bosses as well as its ending cinematic is derived from Metal Slug 3. Recent updates adds assets from Metal Slug 5.
  • This is the only game to have almost all heroes (excluding Tequilla), either as a playable character or as a cameo.
  • Metal Slug Defense makes use of previously unused sprites from previous games like Abul Abbas attacking and the frames before he waves the white flag, Nadia eating chocolate, Natives in fire and much more.
  • After clearing the first world, Satiko Suzuki will appear on the title screen. Clearing the second world will make a Mini-UFO fly in the skies randomly, and clearing the third will will spawn a destroyed Metal Slug and the Di-Cokka on the ground, right side of the logo.Clearing more worlds such as 4-8 will appear more at the title screen (Each world makes it very hard to clear)

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METAL SLUG DEFENSE Game Trailer (English)02:53

METAL SLUG DEFENSE Game Trailer (English)


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