Not to be confused with the game with the same name.

MSAttack MS1

The SV-001 doing a Metal Slug Attack

A Metal Slug Attack is a suicide move that can be done with most Slugs. When in a pinch, the player is able to toss their Slug onto enemy groups. The player character jumps out of the Slug immediately and is given a bit of invulnerability.

How to Perform

There are different ways to perform a Metal Slug Attack, depending on the player's devices/platform.

  • In Arcade versions up to Metal Slug 3, the MSA is performed by pressing A + B.
  • In Arcade versions from Metal Slug 4 to Metal Slug 6, the MSA is performed by pressing D.
  • In Metal Slug 7/XX, the MSA is performed by pressing the Special Attack Button (L Button by default).
  • On PSP/PS2 prior Metal Slug 4, the MSA is performed by the player when he/she presses SQUARE + X.
  • On PSP/PS2 as of Metal Slug 4, the MSA is performed by the player when he/she presses L1 + R1.
  • In 2nd Mission, the MSA is performed by pressing A + B while crouching.


Vehicle Slugs

Vehicle Slugs trample over enemy infantry with ease but crash at enemy vehicles, bosses, or a wall. Slugs such as the Slug Flyer or the Slug Mariner travel horizontally straight (or vertically for the Astro Slug) from where it has been tossed. If a Slug is still running around on-screen, it will eventually self-destruct within a invisible countdown timer.


The Slugnoids all hop up to the top of the screen. Slugnoids crash when hitting non-infantry on the air or by hitting the ground below as they fall. Special cases, such as the fights with the Aeshi Nero or the Hozmi, Slugnoids are able to pass through certain pieces of floor.

Animal Slugs

Animal Slugs trample over enemy infantry and through certain enemy vehicles. If they hit a wall or a hefty tank, then they'll turn around and continue running.

Metal Slug: 2nd Mission

In this game, the player character jumps out at the very moment the SV-000 Proto 2 explodes rather than before the Slug starts its attack. A unique quirk of a SV-000 Proto 2 undergoing a MSA over a ledge is that it continues to move horizontally on thin air. This can be utilized to rescue POWs placed over long gaps.

A Metal Slug Attack can only be used with the SV-000 Proto 2 at the expense of accessing a different route. A destroyed Slug Flyer and Slug Sub either ends the mission (to a new route) or causes a Game Over depending on the mission.

A Metal Slug Attack cannot be done in Metal Slug: 1st Mission as the destruction of the SV-000 sends the player to Prison Camp.


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