Metal slug 15x

Metal Slug 1.5 (also called Metal Slug 1 Half) is a run and gun fan game for PC platform created by Superblinky. 

Metal Slug 1.5 retains the same gameplay as original titles, with the addition of some new enemies, bosses, but obviously with no professional software.

This game contain 6 mission for play with 5 playable characters incluying Marco, Tarma, Eri, Fio and a new comer Wario (From Super Mario Series). Also Incluyed 6 Crazy missions (No mercy) and some cheats will be avaliable after beat the game for first time.

Metal Slug 1.5 X

Metal Slug 1.5 X is the enhanced version of Metal Slug 1.5

Improvements like:

  1. Configurable controls
  2. Auto save
  3. Record chart
  4. Using your initials for Records
  5. Girida-O better programmed
  6. Iron Iso more slow
  7. Melty Honey more avoidable
  8. The enemies are no longer able to stall your character when they push
  9. Improvements to all bosses!
  10. Changed the way to handle the difficulty
  11. Multiplayer
  12. HUD enhanced


Download Link:


  1. Wario: Beat all 6 missions in Crazy Mode.
  2. Eri: Complete Mission 4.
  3. Fio: Complete Mission 5.
  4. Crazy Missions: Beat the game for first time.
  5. Infinite Ammo: Beat the game for first time.
  6. Infinite Credits: Beat the game for first time.

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