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Metal Slug: 2nd Mission is a run and gun video game for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color handheld platform created by SNK. It was released in 2000 in both Japan and North America.


The success of the so-called first mission where the Special Forces Squad Peregrine Falcons saw battle has fallen down the memory hole, but new intel wends its way to the Government Forces. It seems the Special Strike Force "Phantom," led by the rebel army's Lt. Colonel Macba, has begun a campaign of insurgency and has taken many Government Forces soldiers hostage. Subsequent to that, an even more shocking truth is revealed. The rebel army has made contact with aliens and is proceeding with the development of weapons employing unknown technology. The situation is now critical!! There's only one option left: lay siege to the enemy base single-handedly and rescue the hostages!


This game has the same features as his predecessor, with slight improvements. Now you don't have to "change" your weapon to throw grenades. Also, now you don't die if the Metal Slug is destroyed. A new vehicle is available in the game, the Sub Slug, which is a small submarine used in underwater areas. The Sub Slug only fires torpedoes, never having a Vulcan like all slugs. Now you can choose between two different characters, each one following different plots, which are interconnected.


  • Gimlet: A PF recruit, is sent to investigate info about a new insurgence by the Rebel Army.
  • Red Eye: Member of what would later be known as SPARROWS, she is sent to investigate info about UFO sightings related to the Rebel Army.
  • Tequila: A secret agent specialized in POW rescue, he disguises himself as a Rebel. You unlock him after beating the game with both Gimlet and Red Eye.


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