Martians (AKA Mars People)
Leader Rootmars
Founded Unknown
Headquarters Rugname
Area of Operations Solar System
Enemies With Regular Army and Rebel Army (Metal Slug 2 & Metal Slug 3)

(Metal Slug 6)

Affiliated With Regular Army and Rebel Army (Metal Slug 6)
(Metal Slug Defense)

The Martians, also known as Mars People, are alien enemies found in the Metal Slug series.


Metal Slug 2

In Metal Slug 2, the Rebel Army was supported by the Martians but unbeknownst to them, the Martians were only planning to weaken the Earth's military. Revealing their involvement and true intentions at the end of the Final Stage, the Martians betrayed the Rebel Army and abducted Morden. The Rebel Army and the Regular Army allied briefly against the alien menace to rescue the general.

Metal Slug X

Their role in this game is the same as in Metal Slug 2 except this time around the protagonists come in contact with the Martians as early as the fourth mission.

Metal Slug 3

In Metal Slug 3 the Martians captured the Rebel Army's General Morden again early on, but this time sent a Martian disguised as him. Therefore, the rebels allied momentarily with the Regular Army once the ruse is exposed by protagonists.

Metal Slug 6

In Metal Slug 6 the rebel army allied with the Martians again after events of MS3, however, another alien race named the Invaders attack the Martians worldwide. So the Martians and Rebels allied themselves with the Regular army to destroy the Invaders' lair.

Metal Slug 7 & Metal Slug XX

In the Metal Slug 7 credits, if you keep watching the credit, they are seen rescuing Morden. The Martians also make a return in Metal Slug XX. This could be showing that they allied themselves with the Rebel Army, along with the Future Rebels.

Metal Slug Defense

In Metal Slug Defense, The martians and Rebel Army were allies, You can see the martians in many stages with the Rebel Army in Metal Slug Defense. In the 1.14.0 update, They revealed as they was joined The Alliance with The Invaders. In the 1.19.0 patch, Rootmars was betrayed his people and joined in Regular Army to fight against martians, It is possible as he disapprove when his people be the allies as Invaders.

The Martian Army

Martian Soldiers

Mars People (Gray)(マーズピープル【灰色】)

MarspeopleMars people (disparando)

A gray martian who had taken General Morden's appearance

This Martian is the normal run of the mill Martian army soldier. They fire orange spores that move slowly and homes towards the player. These shots can easily be dispatched with gunfire or melee attacks. They are very weak and can be killed with melee attack. In Metal Slug 6, they fire spores that looks alike the spores fired from Martian captain pistol, except that it move slower.

Mars People (Brown) (マーズピープル【茶】)

Mars people (cafe)Mars people cafe (disparando)

This Martian is an elite soldier and can sustain more shots than the Gray Martian, some of them uses normal Martian pistol, while some of them use captain pistol. They usually shoot their spores 3 times in a row.

Mars People (White) (マーズピープル【白】)

Mars people (blanco)Mars people blanco (disparando)

This Martian is a captain and is more powerful than the others. Armed with pistol that fires blue spores, and shoots 3 times in a row. Their spores are faster and harder to destroy, but however, they can't home onto you at all. They can sustains many more shots than the Brown Martian. However, a grenade or a few melee strikes can easily kill it.

Mars People Neo: A mutated Martian who is significantly stronger than the other Mars People. Only one Neo exists - a Martian who the Professor calls "Marty", since he was annoyed with the fact that the Martians lacked names.

Mars Rangers: A trio of common Martians. Clone Betty is their "caretaker" of sorts.

  • Mars People Tank: A Martian equipped with a shield created by the Professor to block incoming attacks. It's the "leader" of the group.
  • Mars People Attacker: A Martian equipped with a ray gun created by the Professor that shoots both spores and lasers.
  • Mars People Healer: A Martian equipped with a healing staff created by the Professor to heal the wounds of its allies. It's the most timid Martian in the group.

Flying Machines

Fuji UFO, Black Fuji UFO (プチUFO·黒プチUFO)

MiniufoMini - U.F.O (mejorado)

Mini-UFOs are highly mobile. Their laser projectiles are slow but they attack in groups. There is also a black version that's significantly stronger.



UFOs fire quick bursts of lasers at the enemy instead of slow laser shots. Though they lack the ability to warp around the screen, they make up for it with incredible speed.

Big Eyes:


External forces of the Martians battleship, attack by fire small green projectiles. They strongly resemble Tie Fighters from the "Star Wars" movie franchise, and the flying Martian War Machines from the 1953 "War of the Worlds" movie. Destroying the red versions will yield the player a bonus item. Some of them can teleport from nowhere.



Dai-Manji is a larger version of Mini-U.F.O.s, and it has more armor and weapons than Mini-UFOs. It can deploy Mini-UFOs or use beams of electricity and can carpet bomb the area with energy projectiles.



The mother ship where all the Martians are dispatched from. It is very heavily armored, it possesses the ability to launch an unlimited hordes of elite Mini-UFOs, and it can fire off a powerful laser will instantly destroy vehicles. Rugname looks very large despite the fact that it is only 140 m. in length and 23 m. in height. It served the final boss of Metal Slug 2 and appears again in Metal Slug 3.

At the end of the 2nd game it is defeated in a scene reminiscent from "Independence Day" where a Rebel Army pilot flies into it.

War Machines

Mars Walker (マーズウォーカー)


An large walker drone used for ship defense. Attack by dropping 3 bouncing bubbles at varying speeds, when destroyed, the body will disconnect from the leg, crushing everyone under it. It also has an antennae reminiscent of the Martian War Machine's death ray from the 1953 "War of the Worlds: movie.

Hopper Mecha:


A mini-version of the Mars Mecha, charges towards the player and explode. Attack in huge swarms. They are very similar to Mutated Soldier from Metal Slug 2/X.

Ring Laser Mecha (リングレーザーメカ)

Ring Laser Mecha--Ringlaser

An robot unit controlled by organic brains, attacks by firing ring laser in different combinations. Blue ones are easier to kill, while the red ones are a lot stronger. They appear to be organic brains implanted into a cybernetic body, somewhat similar to the Dalek from TV series "Doctor Who".

Clone Abby MSA idle

Clone Abby: A cloned version of Abigail created by the Professor, acting much like her in both attacks. The Professor removed emotions from Clone Abby to ensure that it would complete its tasks without fail, making it cold and calculating as a result.

Clone Betty MSA idle

Clone Betty: A cloned version of Beatriz created by the Professor, acting much like her in both attacks and personality. Watches over the Martian Rangers.


Professor MSA win

Professor: The former science director of the Rebel Army, the Professor joined the Martians after witnessing their power during an attack on a Rebel base. He's a valuable asset to the Martians, caring for them greatly and boosting their military might even further with his own knowledge. Such examples include Clone Abby, Clone Betty, and equipment for the Martian Rangers.

Percier MSA win2

Percier: The Professor's "eternal servant". She follows him wherever he goes and wants attention from the Professor, and defected from the Rebel Army upon learning that he was with the Martians.

Ariadna: A former Rebel Army commander who the Professor experimented on a long time ago, giving her the ability to materialize armor at will when required. She was also Abigail's former mentor and crush.


  • The Martians are based off of old 1950's B-movie flicks and some alien movie flicks.
  • The primary Martians seen are based heavily off of the martians found in the H.G. Wells Novel the War of the Worlds.
  • The look of the Martian UFO's are based on a design by famed UFOlogist George Adamski, who claimed to have witnessed it firsthand. This style is one of the most iconic of the UFOlogy field and has appeared in many Japanese science Fiction movies and animation.
  • Mars People have also appeared in the fighting games Neo Geo Battle Coliseum and SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom fighting games. Their fighting moves have been named after paranormal folklore like the Tunguska Blast of 1909 and the 1947 Roswell incident.
  • Death animations yield some information about their physiology. They have an inner skeleton (Basically just one large skull) and a small mouth. Official artwork shows they also have teeth. They spew green blood. When severed, their tentacles will spasm momentarily, which implies a nervous system.
  • The Metal Slug 2 ending is based off the ending for the "Independence Day" film (1996) where Russel Casse flies his aircraft into the core of the mothership, charging up for a final attack, causing a chain reaction destroying the flagship.