Marco Rossi is one of the main characters in Metal Slug. His name is an homage to the protagonist of the anime series, 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother. During the character select screen in the newest Metal Slug pachislot, he is given the logo "Siliconhouse M's -custom build-" with a caricature of himself slouching at a computer desk. His nickname in the same game is "Intelligent Soldier".

Character Summary

"Pull your finger out and get to the source code." -Marco's pet phrase.

This Italian-American went on to study at the military academy's special technologies college after attending a public technical high school. After graduation, he became a member of the Peregrine Falcons Special Forces Squad (commonly called PF Squad). Although gentle by nature, mentioning General Morden, who is responsible for the deaths of so many of his friends and comrades, will send him into an uncontrolled rage. He's one of the squad's expert agents and an intellectual whose hobby is computer science. A computer virus he created for fun once mistakenly attacked the army's central computer system. Penetrating through all of the security firewalls, the virus almost caused the launch of a nuclear missile. But he'll never admit this.  

Marco's computer science hobby also resulted in the creation of the AI MS-Alice while he was fooling around in his spare time. He installed her into an SV-001 so she could battle alongside him.


Marco, an Italian-American, entered officer's school at the Academy of Special Technologies after attending a state technical high school. Upon graduation, Marco entered the Peregrine Falcons (PF, for short) a special army strike force. He quickly distinguished himself in this squad, known for its severe training, becoming both first lieutenant and PF's leader.

During the first coup led by General Morden, Marco scraped together the shards of the scattered government forces to reassemble PF Squad.

Putting his own fanny on the front lines as leader of the resistance against Morden, Marco heroically battled on. With his close friend and partner, Tarma, he became the hero who buried Morden and restored peace in the world. Through his achievements, he rose to the rank of major.

Marco held the squad together with his pal Tarma, the squad's true linchpin, and took part in the secret mission that crushed Morden's second coup before it could even start. Leading PF Squad in the midst of its reorganization, Marco laid waste, once and for all, to Morden's evil designs.

After "Second Mission," Marco's resignation was denied when the top brass insisted on his participation in a mission to sweep up the final remains of Morden's army.

Marco's generally gentle personality gives way to fearsome rage at the mention of General Morden, the ruthless murderer of his friends and compatriots. PF Squad's best agent is also a closet computer nerd. In fact, years ago a computer virus he created for fun mistakenly found its way into the army's mainframe server. It broke down several security systems, compromised even the lowest echelons of the army, and triggered the launch of a nuclear missile. This is one of those moments of tom-foolery not even he would mention -- no matter how many beers he has in him.


He's a prideful and easy-going leader to his troop, known to get pretty rowdy when he's on the job. Despite all appearances, Marco is actually quite intelligent and can easily figure out the best solution to a problem at hand nearly instantly. He has a personal vendetta against General Morden and will immediately investigate anything with the slightest mention of the villain's name.

His hair is yellow, his sleeveles shirt is white, his vest is red, his pants are green and his shoes and gloves are black.


In Metal Slug 6 and Metal Slug 7, Marco is most skilled with the Handgun. He can shoot twice as fast with the Handgun and his shots cause double the damage than other characters. In Metal Slug XX, Marco can rapidly fire weapons by holding (Up + Square + R). The only downside is that while firing you can't move.

Voice Actors

Game Appearances

Mobile Appearances

Crossover Appearances

SNK Vs. Capcom: CHAOS

Marco makes a very small appearance in the Mars People's ending of the game alongside Fio Germi and Eri as they move into battle against the Mars People that are attacking New York.

SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium

Olympic mode only

Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum

Marco appears as a playable character in this game, using many Metal Slug weapons on his attacks. He uses the Heavy Machine Gun, Iron Lizard, Grenades, Knife, Punching Glove, also calling the Metal Slug and Hyakutaro.

Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting

NeoGeo Tennis Coliseum

The King of Fighters XIII

In the Egypt stage, passing mention in Women Fighters story

The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match

Background cameo

SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS

Marco appears as one of the obtainable cards in the game. His special ability is to give 600 pts. of damage to the opponent when counterattacking.

Days of Memories (second title)

Minor appearance in Fio's story

The King of Fighters 2

Garou Densetsu Special

KOF: Maximum Impact 2

Ralf Jones Normal Outfit-Variation G


  • Marco's physique is possibly based on that of John Rambo,and his looks are possibly influenced by David Bowie .
  • His favorite dish is Chinese Noodles.
  • Marco's name may be a nod to Italian football player, Marco Rossi but is most likely to be named with the most common italian name and surname.
  • Metal Slug Advance is the only game in the Metal Slug series (not counting spin-offs) that Marco does not appear as a playable character, though he appears in the cover with Eri Kasamoto cheering on both new PF Squad recruits Walter Ryan and Tyra Elson.


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