The Maggots are recurring enemies in Metal Slug series.


These little creatures can survive in any kind of place and reproduce extremely fast. They are always found in great numbers, and will sacrifice themselves by spitting their acid body fluids if they sense danger for their colony. In Metal Slug Advance, they attack by spitting purple poison gas.

They are known to be colored either purple, white, gray or a brownish-reddish color depending on the game. In Metal Slug 6, Venusian maggots appears exactly the same as regular Maggots, only gray. Also, the gray ones attack by blowing themselves up, creating tiny explosions that resemble the explosions that Mutated Soldiers make. The white ones are found alongside Giant Caterpillars in an extra path in Metal Slug 3. The purple ones can only be seen in the Corridor of Fire alongside Natives, and attack with a flammable variant of the acid.


  • When Big Snail, Maggot and Giant Caterpillar's acid hits a male character, his flesh dissolves into nothing but bones. If the acid hits a female her clothes dissolve and leave the rest of her body unharmed for a bit before dissolving completely, thus allowing her chest (or her butt, if hit while jumping) to be seen bare for a moment.
  • The Maggots in Metal Slug Advance is the only variation that does not expire immediately after attacking.
  • The purple maggots in Metal Slug 5 will set the player's character on fire instead of using the acid death of Metal Slug 3.
  • The orange maggots of Metal Slug 7 will simply kill the player's character without any special effects. The character will die as if hit by anything else.
  • The white maggots appear in Metal Slug Defense as a purchasable defensive unit. Oddly enough, in the game, a miner will place the maggot nest on a designated area with his pickaxe in the same manner as he does with Sandbags.
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