File:Master Armor Huge Excavator Aeshi Nero.pngFile:Matilda.pngFile:Mature MSD idle.gif
File:Maxresdefault (1).jpgFile:Mcbarr.gifFile:Md 015.jpg
File:Md 016.jpgFile:Md 017.jpgFile:Md 018.jpg
File:Md 019.jpgFile:Md 026.jpgFile:Md 027.jpg
File:Md 039.jpgFile:Md 044.jpgFile:Md 047.jpg
File:Md 055.jpgFile:Md 056.jpgFile:Mecha.gif
File:Mecha.jpgFile:Mecha Allen.pngFile:Mecha Allen MSA melee.gif
File:Mecha Slug Artwork.jpgFile:Mecha kaiju.jpgFile:Mecha kaiju destroyed.png
File:Medal.gifFile:Medal2.pngFile:Medal ani.gif
File:Medic MV-280A.pngFile:Medicine.gifFile:Mega Laser Turret2.png
File:Mega Logo.pngFile:Mega laser.jpgFile:Megalodon avatar.png
File:Megaman3MHX.jpgFile:Megaman zx3 concept the deluge by ultimatemaverickx-d7cdgk6.jpgFile:Megaphone.gif
File:Melty.pngFile:Melty Honey-rare.pngFile:Meltyhoney.gif
File:Meltyhoneygray.gifFile:Men Surviviors Artwork.jpgFile:Merry Christmas!(メリークリスマス!):MSA EXTRA OPS
File:Metal-Slug-4 Screenshot1.jpgFile:Metal-Slug-Commando-2-free-full-game-pc.jpgFile:Metal-slug-17.jpg
File:Metal-slug-3-ps2-664x374.jpgFile:Metal-slug-touch-1.003.pngFile:MetalSlug-Faction Logos.png
File:MetalSlugDefense Icon (MSA).pngFile:MetalSlugLogo.pngFile:MetalSlugS.png
File:Metal Bird 2.jpgFile:Metal Crow.gifFile:Metal Hound Artwork.jpg
File:Metal Mole.jpgFile:Metal Rear.gifFile:Metal Rear.png
File:Metal Rear Alice Idle.gifFile:Metal Rear Artwork.jpgFile:Metal Rear EX MSA idle.gif
File:Metal Rears.gifFile:Metal Slug-Abgail sheet.jpgFile:Metal Slug-The Military System
File:Metal Slug -Blood and Metal-File:Metal Slug - Commando 2.jpgFile:Metal Slug - Rocket Launcher
File:Metal Slug - Special Mission3.JPGFile:Metal Slug 1st Mission Cover.jpgFile:Metal Slug 1st Mission logo.png
File:Metal Slug 2.5 v0.9 - Metal Slug 2X Tequila Gameplay. (Fangame)File:Metal Slug 2.5 v0.9 Deadpool Gameplay!! (Fangame)File:Metal Slug 2.5 v0.9 Deadpool Gameplay!! (Fangame)-0
File:Metal Slug 2.5 v0.9 Deadpool Gameplay!! (Fangame)-1File:Metal Slug 2 (SNK 1998) Level 2 - Get the Genie!File:Metal Slug 2 Arcade Flyer.jpg
File:Metal Slug 2 Ingame 1.pngFile:Metal Slug 2 Ingame 2.pngFile:Metal Slug 2 Ingame 3.png
File:Metal Slug 2 Ingame 4.pngFile:Metal Slug 2 Ingame 5.pngFile:Metal Slug 2 Ingame 6.png
File:Metal Slug 2 Ingame 7.pngFile:Metal Slug 2 Ingame 8.pngFile:Metal Slug 2 Neo-Geo CD Cover.jpg
File:Metal Slug 2 Super Devil RunFile:Metal Slug 2 logo.pngFile:Metal Slug 2nd Mission Cover.jpg
File:Metal Slug 2nd Mission logo.pngFile:Metal Slug 3D - IntroFile:Metal Slug 3D - Intro-0
File:Metal Slug 3D Cover.jpgFile:Metal Slug 3 - Final AttackFile:Metal Slug 3 Arcade Flyer.jpg
File:Metal Slug 3 Ingame 01.pngFile:Metal Slug 3 Ingame 02.pngFile:Metal Slug 3 Ingame 03.png
File:Metal Slug 3 Ingame 04.pngFile:Metal Slug 3 Ingame 05.pngFile:Metal Slug 3 Ingame 06.png
File:Metal Slug 3 Ingame 07.pngFile:Metal Slug 3 Ingame 08.pngFile:Metal Slug 3 Ingame 09.png
File:Metal Slug 3 Ingame 10.pngFile:Metal Slug 3 Ingame 11.pngFile:Metal Slug 3 Ingame 12.png
File:Metal Slug 3 PS2 Cover.jpgFile:Metal Slug 3 Xbox Cover.jpgFile:Metal Slug 3 logo.png
File:Metal Slug 4 (insert).jpgFile:Metal Slug 4 Arcade Flyer.jpgFile:Metal Slug 4 High Score Top 10.jpg
File:Metal Slug 4 Ingame 1.pngFile:Metal Slug 4 Ingame 2.pngFile:Metal Slug 4 Ingame 3.png
File:Metal Slug 4 Ingame 4.pngFile:Metal Slug 4 Ingame 5.pngFile:Metal Slug 4 Ingame 6.png
File:Metal Slug 4 Ingame 7.pngFile:Metal Slug 4 Ingame 8.pngFile:Metal Slug 4 Mobile Game Trailer
File:Metal Slug 4 PS2 Cover.jpgFile:Metal Slug 4 Time Used Top 10.jpgFile:Metal Slug 4 logo.png
File:Metal Slug 5 - Fierce Battle SoundtrackFile:Metal Slug 5 Arcade Flyer.jpgFile:Metal Slug 5 Elite Mission 1 Test Drive
File:Metal Slug 5 Elite Mission 1 Test Drive-0File:Metal Slug 5 Elite Mission Tests (Debug Test)File:Metal Slug 5 Elite Official Menu
File:Metal Slug 5 Elite Official Menu-0File:Metal Slug 5 Elite Official Titile OpeningFile:Metal Slug 5 Elite Official Titile Opening-0
File:Metal Slug 5 Elite Official Trailer (Unfinished)File:Metal Slug 5 Elite Trailer (OFFICIAL)File:Metal Slug 5 Final Boss Scenary.gif
File:Metal Slug 5 High Score Top 10.jpgFile:Metal Slug 5 Ingame 1.pngFile:Metal Slug 5 Ingame 2.png
File:Metal Slug 5 Ingame 3.pngFile:Metal Slug 5 Ingame 4.pngFile:Metal Slug 5 Ingame 5.png
File:Metal Slug 5 Ingame 6.pngFile:Metal Slug 5 Ingame 7.pngFile:Metal Slug 5 Ingame 8.png
File:Metal Slug 5 PS2 Cover.jpgFile:Metal Slug 5 Time Used Top 10.jpgFile:Metal Slug 5 Xbox Cover.jpg
File:Metal Slug 5 logo.pngFile:Metal Slug 6 Arcade Flyer.jpgFile:Metal Slug 6 PS2 Cover.jpg
File:Metal Slug 6 The Martian POWsFile:Metal Slug 7 Art 01.PNGFile:Metal Slug 7 Art 02.PNG
File:Metal Slug 7 Art 03.PNGFile:Metal Slug 7 Art 04.PNGFile:Metal Slug 7 Art 05.PNG
File:Metal Slug 7 Art 06.PNGFile:Metal Slug 7 Art 07.PNGFile:Metal Slug 7 Cover.jpg
File:Metal Slug 7 logo.pngFile:Metal Slug Advance - Black Hound-1.pngFile:Metal Slug Advance Cover.jpg
File:Metal Slug Advance ingame 1.pngFile:Metal Slug Advance ingame 2.pngFile:Metal Slug Advance ingame 3.png
File:Metal Slug Advance ingame 4.pngFile:Metal Slug Advance ingame 5.pngFile:Metal Slug Advance ingame 6.png
File:Metal Slug Advance ingame 7.pngFile:Metal Slug Advance ingame 8.pngFile:Metal Slug Advance logo.png
File:Metal Slug Anthology.jpgFile:Metal Slug Anthology PS2 Cover.jpgFile:Metal Slug Anthology PSP Cover.jpg
File:Metal Slug Anthology Wii Cover.jpgFile:Metal Slug Arcade Flyer.jpgFile:Metal Slug Attack.gif
File:Metal Slug Attack Golden Jupiter King vs. The Three Jupiters 3 Rounds (60FPS)File:Metal Slug Best Tank Busters (PlayStation).jpgFile:Metal Slug Best Tank Busters (Saturn).jpg
File:Metal Slug Defens123e D12321321454eck 0.jpgFile:Metal Slug Defense D12312321321454eck 0.jpgFile:Metal Slug Defense D12321321454eck 0.jpg
File:Metal Slug Double X Icon.pngFile:Metal Slug Five Elite Mission 1-1 TestFile:Metal Slug Five Elite Mission 4 Boss Gameplay
File:Metal Slug Five Elite Mission 4 Boss Gameplay-0File:Metal Slug Five Elite Ptolemaic Combat SchoolFile:Metal Slug Game Over Screens 1-7
File:Metal Slug Ingame 1.pngFile:Metal Slug Ingame 2.pngFile:Metal Slug Ingame 3.png
File:Metal Slug Ingame 4.pngFile:Metal Slug Ingame 5.pngFile:Metal Slug Ingame 6.png
File:Metal Slug Ingame 7.pngFile:Metal Slug Mobile 3 Ingame 1.pngFile:Metal Slug Mobile 3 Ingame 2.png
File:Metal Slug Mobile 3 Ingame 3.pngFile:Metal Slug Mobile 3 Ingame 4.pngFile:Metal Slug Mobile 3 logo.png
File:Metal Slug Mobile 4 Ingame 1.pngFile:Metal Slug Mobile 4 Ingame 2.pngFile:Metal Slug Mobile 4 Ingame 3.png
File:Metal Slug Mobile 4 Ingame 4.pngFile:Metal Slug Mobile 4 Ingame 5.pngFile:Metal Slug Mobile 4 Ingame 6.png
File:Metal Slug Mobile 4 logo.pngFile:Metal Slug Mobile Impact logo.pngFile:Metal Slug Neo-Geo CD Cover.jpg
File:Metal Slug PSX Cover.jpgFile:Metal Slug PSX Cover 2.jpgFile:Metal Slug R Artwork.jpg
File:Metal Slug Random Image.jpgFile:Metal Slug Resident Evil.pngFile:Metal Slug Saturn Cover.jpg
File:Metal Slug Super Devil showcaseFile:Metal Slug Tank.gifFile:Metal Slug Team Mission.jpg
File:Metal Slug Type - R.gifFile:Metal Slug Wars - iPhone iPod Touch iPad - HD Gameplay TrailerFile:Metal Slug XX Game Over Screens "Mission 1-7"
File:Metal Slug XX Logo.pngFile:Metal Slug X Arcade Flyer.jpgFile:Metal Slug X Ingame 1.png
File:Metal Slug X Ingame 2.pngFile:Metal Slug X Ingame 3.pngFile:Metal Slug X Ingame 4.png
File:Metal Slug X PSX Cover.jpgFile:Metal Slug X Super Devil ShowcaseFile:Metal Slug X Super Devil Showcase-0
File:Metal Slug X logo.pngFile:Metal Slug Zero - GameplayFile:Metal Slug logo.png
File:Metal rear image.jpgFile:Metal rear mk 2.pngFile:Metal slug.jpg
File:Metal slug 15x.pngFile:Metal slug 1st mission-french 0004.jpgFile:Metal slug 2.5 (Demo!) Download here!
File:Metal slug 2.5 (Demo!) Download here!-0File:Metal slug 2.5 (Demo!) Download here!-1File:Metal slug 2.5 Extra Mission 5~
File:Metal slug 2.5 v0.9 ActualizaciónFile:Metal slug 2.5 v0.9 Actualización-0File:Metal slug 2.5 v0.9 Actualización-1
File:Metal slug 2.5 v0.9 Actualización-2File:Metal slug 2.5 v0.9 Actualización-3File:Metal slug 3.jpg
File:Metal slug 3 header.jpgFile:Metal slug 7 Cynthia's commitment. Final optional 1File:Metal slug 7 Cynthia's commitment. Final optional 2
File:Metal slug u.pngFile:Metal slug u2.jpgFile:Metal slug u pre 1.jpg
File:Metal slug u pre 2.jpgFile:Metal slug u pre 3.jpgFile:Metal slug universal.png 480 480 0 64000 0 1 0.png
File:Metal slug x,mission IIII (2).jpgFile:Metal slug x 001-1-.jpgFile:Metalcrow.gif
File:Metalslug6 02.jpgFile:Metalslugcom.jpgFile:Metalsluglogo1.jpg
File:Metalslugtactics.pngFile:Metalslugtactics 04.jpgFile:Metalslugtactics 05.jpg
File:Metalslugwikia.pngFile:Metalslugxx logo white.PNGFile:Metasura2.gif
File:MetzeleiDeath.gifFile:MetzeleiIdle.gifFile:Middle-Son 1986.gif
File:Middle-Son Artwork.jpgFile:Middle Son.gifFile:Middleson1986.png
File:Middleson1986promo.pngFile:Middleson1999.pngFile:Midnight Uptown Skyline.png
File:Midnight moon in my neighborhood by gilbertcantu-d4mg0w5.jpgFile:Midori MSA attacks.gifFile:Midori MSA defeat.gif
File:Midori MSA idle.gifFile:Midori MSA knockback.gifFile:Midori MSA move.gif
File:Miharu.jpgFile:Miharu.pngFile:Mikado avatar.png
File:Miner.gifFile:Miner Artwork.jpgFile:Minero.png
File:Minerva MSA illust.pngFile:Mini-Bata Artwork.jpgFile:Mini-Bata Artwork.png
File:Mini-Bata Early 2 Artwork.jpgFile:Mini-Bata Early 3 Artwork.jpgFile:Mini-Bata Early 4 Artwork.jpg
File:Mini-Bata Early Artwork.jpgFile:Mini-Sub Artwork.jpgFile:Mini - U.F.O (mejorado).gif
File:Mini Bata.gifFile:Minibata.gifFile:Minibataconcept.png
File:Misako avatar.pngFile:Misil (r shobu).gifFile:Misil (slug flyler).gif
File:MissilePod.pngFile:Missile Panzer Tank MSA.pngFile:Missile avatar.png