Licht is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

He first made his appearance in the Extra Ops titled "Cross Over Fate", though he was not unlockable until the Guild Ops "Snatch Wars Season 7", where he was introduced as a Box Crank unit.

Character Summary

A mysterious swordsman that appears alongside his twin sibling Elena. He has an unusual obsession with chasing Ptolemaios with an unwavering resolve. He's considered to be selfish, childish and reckless, but has a reliable sense of moral obligation and duty. He is powerful in combat, but is outmatched by his sister.


Extra Ops

First appearing in the Extra Ops "Cross Over Fate", he and his sister confront Abyssal Ptolemaios. With no chance of winning, they learn that there was a slight glimmer of hope if they went to the past. However, Ptolemaios chased them, but being significantly weakened by time travelling, he was quickly defeated. Ptolemaios managed to escape before they could land the coup de grace. Licht wanted to chase Ptolemaios, but Elena stopped him. Now stuck in the present, he encourages Elena to not give up and that they might be able to see their parents again, and to ensure that the future can be changed.




  • Licht shouts as he swings his sword (Close Range Attack)
    Lht vo atk
  • Licht attacks using his sword (Long Range Attack)
    Lht atk
  • Licht shouts the name of his secret technique. "秘技: 破天雷悠" in Chinese & Japanese. "Thunderbolt" in official English translation (which is completely unmatched to its original JP name, the correct translation should be "Secret Technique: Heaven Breaker Thunder Pain, translated by Banden)
    Lht sp1
  • Licht shouts the name of his secret technique loudly (4th skills unlocked)
    Lht sp2
  • Licht screams as he's being defeated
    Lht vo dth
  • Licht tries to persuade his sister there's nothing to worry about as Elena is starting to grow fear against Abyss Ptolemiaos, their destined enemy.
    Lht vo1
  • Licht shouts to call for his sister, "姐さん". Which is "Sister" in English translation
    Lht vo2


  • Licht is the first male OC unit to be released since Vatn's debut.
  • Due to how Licht shares the same animations (and drone) of the Red Goblin, it is presumed that he is his son.
  • Many of his moves and animations are similar to those of Kaede from The Last Blade series.
  • "Licht" means "light" in German.
  • His weapon is reminescent of a lightsaber from the Star Wars Franchise.
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