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Full Name
Mechanical tentacles, electric balls, sensor mines, cylinder grenades, a huge cannon on its front

The Kraken is the last boss from Metal Slug 7/XX.


The Kraken is found in the last mission where it is seen in the background sitting on a rock while attacking the player with mechanical tentacles. The tentacles will emerge from the lava and try to smash you. It can also fire electric balls or chunks of magma from the lava. They are fought one by one and when all the tentacles are destroyed, the head which is controlled by Morden will battle you. Kraken has many attacks. It can dive under lava and produce sensor mines to destroy the scrap metal which you stand on. Then it will emerge directly beneath you to throw you into the lava. It also fires a bigger version of the Huge Hermit shells, that can bounce off the scrap metal, from its giant cannon. The third attack is to drop magma boulders from the bottom. Kraken can also summon grenades similar to the ones you use when you are going to space in Metal Slug 3 and toss them at you. The last attack is to drop grenades similar to oversize version of grenades you use when you are going to space. It will also summon pods for further backup.


  • The Kraken is very similar to the fourth boss from the game In The Hunt, by the same developers.
  • When the player destroy the time portal (in the final mission), one can see silhouette of the Kraken and Morden jumping into it.
  • Kraken's tentacle sprite is actually a recolored version of the Worm Mecha sprite.
  • It was appeared in Metal Slug Defense Battle Cats Collaboration Event's cutscene in 1.34.0 update. the Cutscene it's Here
    • It was also appeared as deployable unit in Metal Slug Defense 1.41.1 update. It has a 999 AP cost to deploy and has 60,000 HP at Level 40.

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