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Kaladgolg The Kaladgolg is the third boss in Metal Slug Advance.


It is a troop train armed with a large laser cannon in the middle and it has a extra weapons which consists two miniguns & two mine lauchers.


This boss will constantly fires minigun and launch mine. When it fires laser, (unlike the Tani Oh turret which swivels around to fires the players), this boss follows the players around until it fires. To avoid this attack, The players should stay to one of the edges of the screen, as the boss doesn't move the whole way. The weak spot is the laser cannon, and the secondary weapons cannot be destroyed (unlike the Tani Oh. When Kaladgolg flamed all, every weapon it has speeds up, making the battle slightly harder). This time Kaladgolg launch floating mine instead of launch normal mine, destroy one of these will provide you a Rocket Launcher. Any type of slug will make this battle easier except the [[Slug Gunner]], because they will have to keep jumping up in order to shoot down with it's machine gun. When the players are actually trying to beat this thing without any kind of slug, the easiest way to beat the Kaladgolg is to keep shooting its turret with your basic gun (use any kind of ammo if you still have it); it will be a survival test when it starts to speed up. Metal Slug (Black Hound are recommended) and Super Grenade will provide a short work and recieving them a card of Kaladgolg.


  • The Kaladgolg highly resembles the Tani Oh from Metal Slug 1. but is mounted on a railcar instead of a large tank. However it has a different fires towards to players.
    • Additionally, The train feature and its single cannon slightly resembles the Mini-Bata.
  • The Kaladgolg was Reappeared in Metal Slug Defense. Like Tani Oh and Hozmi, it was placed in bottom of screen. but, it was nearly impossible to hit the Kaladgolg. it has only way to destroy it by using The Keesi II, Crablops leg and/or Cabracan special attack.
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