Weapon items

Ammunition items

  • Ammo Ammo crate: Gives ammo for the equipped weapon. If you have no weapon, scores 1000 points.
  • Bomb Bomb crate: Gives 10 extra ammo for grenades. If you're riding a slug, gives 10 extra cannon for the slug.
  • Grenadei Regular grenade: Gives 10 extra grenades. If You're equipped with a special grenade, it changes to the regular grenade.
  • FB Fire bomb: Gives 10 extra grenades and changes your grenades to the Fire Bomb.
  • Stone Stone: Gives 10 extra grenades and changes your grenades to the Stone.
  • Cannon Cannon: Gives 10 extra cannon to your slug. If the slug is equipped with the Armour Piercer, it changes back to the regular cannon.
  • Armor piercing Armour piercer: Gives 10 extra cannon to your slug and changes it to the Armour Piercer.
  • Gas Gas can: Recharge some energy for your slug. If your slug has full health or you don't have it, scores 1000 points.
  • Batt Battery: If the Elephant Slug eats this, he will be able to shot thunderbolts from his trunk.
  • Chili Chili pepper: If the Elephant Slug eats this, he will be able to breath fire.

Medicine items

Each of these items cures a transformation if you have it, otherwise they give 1000 points.

Money Items

  • Coin Coin: Gives you 10 points. For each extra coin you get in a row, you got many points, up to 6400 points. For example:
    • 1 coin: 10pt
    • 2 coins: 20pt
    • 3 coins: 40pt
    • 4 coins: 80pt
    • 5 coins: 160pt
    • 6 coins: 320pt
    • 7 coins: 640pt
    • 8 coins: 1280pt
    • 9 coins: 2560pt
    • 10 coins: 5120pt
    • 11 or more coins: 6400pt
  • Treasurebox Treasure Box: Treasure box with ancient riches inside. 1000 points.
  • Redjewel Red Jewel: Red Jewel with a deep brilliance. Randomly 100 or 10000 or 30000 or 50000 points.
  • Amberjewel Amber Jewel: Amber jewel with a bright sheen. Randomly 100 or 10000 or 30000 or 50000 points.
  • Bluejewel Blue Jewel: Blue jewel with a strange glow. Randomly 100 or 10000 or 30000 or 50000 points.

Note: Any jewel will give random amount of points.

Food Items

  • Bread Bread: Daily bread you can find it anywhere. Don't wait for it to rot. 500 points, 10 points if rotten.
  • Fish Fish: Fresh seafood from the sea. 500 points.
  • Apple Apple: A crunchy apple. 100 points.
  • BananaBanana Banana: Offers loads of much needed fiber. 10 points each, 100 points the pack.
  • 0732 Turkey: Piping hot turkey made on the island. 1000 points.
  • Steak Steak: Arabians love these. 300 points
  • Carrot Carrot: Good for salads. 100 points.
  • Pear Pear: A typical fruit. 100 points
  • Watermelon Watermelon: A tropical fruit. 100 points.
  • Lettuce Lettuce: Light food, excellent for diets. 300 points.
  • Turnip ani Turnip: Will bury into the ground if you don't get it. 100 points.
  • Barrelofapples Barrel of Apples: Carried by trucks of the Ptolemaic army. 1000 points.
  • Dumplings Dimsum: Contains dumplings, siomai, or pork buns. 300 points.
  • Mushroom Mushroom: Grows in humid places. 1000 points.
  • Canned food Canned Food: Rations. No food, no fight! 1000 points, 10 points if rotten.
  • Fruitmix Fruit mix: Many fruit in bunches. 500 points, 10 points if rotten.
  • Chicken egg Chicken Egg: Will hatch into a chick, the chick will grow into a big chicken. 10 points
  • Rotten egg Rotten Egg: Given by the Alien copies of the Sparrows or Peregrin Falcons, even by a chicken. Dropped by alien copies en-masse for the purpose of getting you fat. 0 points.

Animal Items

  • Cat Cat: A kitty cat. 100, or 1000 points.
  • Frog Frog: Found in humid places. 500 points.
  • Snake Snake: Beware of its bite. 500 points.
  • Chicken 00 Chicken: Try not startling it. 1000, or 500 points.
  • Nest Nest: A bird's nest. 1000 points.
  • Pig Pig: Gives excellent bacon. 1000 points.
  • BaboonMonkey01 Baboon/Monkey: Cute Baboon with the attitude. 1000 points.
  • Animals 20 Iguana: A reptile in the jungle. 500 points.
  • Chameleon Chameleon: A reptile that blends into its surroundings. 1000 points.
  • Cockatoo Cockatoo: Birds commonly found in the jungle. 2000 points.
  • Rat Rat: Rodents who hide in dark places. 1000 points.
  • MSCrab Crab: They're pretty common around these parts. 1000, 300, or 500 points.
  • Gold bat Gold Bat: Can be found in caves, ruins, or tunnels. 30000 points. Don't kill it.

Other Items

  • Regularsymbol1Regularsymbol2 Regular Army Badge: Getting one of those will make the character enter "Combo Mode" to earn extra medals in Metal Slug 4.
  • Letter Letter: A letter for someone distant. Usually dropped from an R-Shobu. 500 points.
  • Medal Medal: A medal of honor. 10 points.
  • Medal ani Small medal: Given to a soldier for his bravery. 500 points.
  • Bone Bone: Some leftovers. 100 points.
  • Doll Doll: A little doll. 5000 points.
  • Teddy Teddy Bear: Girls love these. 5000 points. If you get it using Fio, you get 10000 points for that
  • Boot Boot: Some soldier lost his boot. 100 points.
  • Key Key: Maybe it can open a treasure chest. 1000 points.
  • Magic lamp Magic Lamp: A Genie will appear after 5 smokes. 10 points if grabbed too early.
  • Underwear Underwear: Someone lost it while running away from the rebels. 100 points.
  • Poo Poo: Stray dogs leave these in the pavement. 10 points.
  • Golfbag Golf bag: Used to carry golf clubs. 5000 points.
  • Briefcase Briefcase: Dropped by Parker. 500 points.
  • Parker item Parker: The white haired guy. 0 points.
  • Rose Rose: Give this to someone special.10 points.

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