Issenmantaro MSD idle
Issenman Tarou ("10000000TARO", 一千万太郎 Issenmantarō) is newcomer character from Metal Slug Defense.

He reappears in Metal Slug Attack with the name of 6000000TARO.

Character Summary

A fighter who wanders around battlefields armed only with his fists. He controls energy and can unleash powerful shock waves from his palms.

There is absolutely nothing known about him, where he came from or why he is fighting against the Rebel Army. Some vague rumors say he is a powerful avenger who couldn't let Morden take over the world, others say he is a disciple of Hyakutaro and came to aid his master; but those are only rumors, made to speculate a certain backstory...


He is very similar to Hyakutaro, only with orange hair, and has the same attacks he has, but with very short range. He doesn't shoot any energy balls and his shock wave is also a different color.


  • He was added in the Metal Slug Defense 1.60 update after 10 million downloads. He also returns in Metal Slug Attack as a promotion for 6 million downloads, hence the name change.
  • His name "Issenman" is a deformation of "Ichi sen man" which means 10 million (一千万, Issenman) in Japanese. This is probably a play on his similarity to Hyakutaro, as "hyaku" means hundred in Japanese.
  • In Metal Slug Defense his name is "10000000TARO" but when changing the game language the name is shown as "Issenman Tarou".
  • He was based on an unused Hyakutaro sprite, just with a repaint.


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