The Iron Sentinel is the second boss from Metal Slug 6.


This is a large rocket launching tank operated by General Morden that will keep sliding down the slope until you destroy it. It is heavily armored, meaning the weak spot is the giant cannon on top. It is also armed with missile launcher and energy cannon.

According to Metal Slug Attack's description for the boss, the huge tank was made within the cooperation with the Mars People, which explains why the tank has an energy cannons and requires Mars Energy in order to upgrade its skills.

Fight Overview

The tank's weak spot is the large cannon, first attack is to shoot three rockets (occur only in hard mode) from its giant cannon at the top. The rockets will then crash onto the ground which may also hit you. The second attack is to fire sphere of laser from the turrets at the side. Another attack is to launch small rockets from the side of the tank and the rockets will fly at many directions which are relatively easy to avoid or destroy. Once the cannon is destroyed, it will reveal a huge rocket launcher. When launching the rocket, sparks that are created may also damage you. But they can be dispatched with gunfire. The giant rocket will fly off-screen and then crash to the ground, causing a massive explosion that may kill you. The explosion sometimes gives you items like the HMG crate. When the slider is aflame, the process of launching the giant rocket will speed up, but the rocket is still easy to avoid. Once it suffers enough damage, the tank will crash into a hill where it is destroyed.


Slider Iron Sentinel: This is the original version.
Iron Vermilion MSA idle Iron Vermilion: This one is found in Metal Slug Attack. Described as a "cheaper" and mass produced variant of the Iron Sentinel, the Iron Vermilion launches more missiles, but because of its cheaper build, lacks the extremely large missiles that the original has.


  • It was based on a German WWII Super Heavy SPG Landkreuzer P1500 Monster
    • Also, The cannon of this tank is based on a Germans siege cannon Karl-Gerat.
  • Main cannon ammunition is based of German Fieseler Fi-103 (aka V1 Rocket).
  • It used to be known by fans as the Iron Slider.
  • It was renamed on the Metal Slug Attack 1.8.0 Update, before that, the boss was called Missile Panzer Tank.
    • Panzer means Tank in German. Although it was called 'Missile Panzer Tank'.
    • Its parts can be purchased via Mars Shop, with cost 1000 mars coin per parts, player can get mars coins by trading parts of Units that reached their maximum evolution (Diamond at the moment).
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