The Invader Squad is the most commonly found enemy from Metal Slug 6.


The most common breed of Invaders, these anthropomorphic toad-like alien creatures have features of insectoids such as a rock-hard exoskeleton, that protects them from damage. They are also able to extend their limbs to grab their prey from afar, or to attack their enemies with a spin headbutt. These creatures can spin their bodies at high speeds, then bounce to smash their foes, while also being able to deflect most attacks by doing this. They are carnivorous creatures, feeding on both Humans and Mars People.

Another interesting feature they have is that they can breed maggots inside their bodies, then spit them out whenever they feel the need. These maggots will explode if someone gets near them. Some Invaders carry a large number of maggots inside them, throwing them everywhere when they are killed, which can be really dangerous.

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