M16 MS2ndM
is the sixteenth mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Only Gimlet has access to this stage. Two prisoners exist in this stage.

Mission Synopsis

Gimlet is given the task to find an agent of IHQ, as they have some important information to share. The city has two sides, the outskirts represented by the various sewers and the inner city by the various cafes. To travel from each side means entering one of the many buildings and exiting to the other door. Red Eye, the mission's goal, is found on the bottom-rightmost corner of the city's outskirts.

Pre-mission Calls

Arriving from Mission 7

Reached target. Send next order.
Contact our local agent and relay his info here.

Arriving from Mission 13

Colonel rescued. Heading for base.
Based on new info, base mission has been canceled. Move to meeting point and confirm details of info.
Jeese! What am I? An errand boy? I copy! Heading for the checkpoint. Over!

Arriving from Mission 14

Reactor destroyed! But no sign of Phantom was confirmed… What’s this? Have you made confirmation? That guy like an octopus… is… an alien…
Confirmed but no further info. Truth unknown. Move to the next checkpoint and continue mission. Wait there for info from IHQ.


Completing this mission proceeds to Mission 23 (The Tundra King).


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