Huracan is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

Hailing from an Aboriginal tribe in an undeveloped forest, the Rebel Army attacked in order to drive the natives out for the resources. Huracan single-handedly repelled the invasion, which impressed the Rebel Army high command. A negotiation was made between her people and the Rebel Army; she would assist them in battle, and in return, the Rebel Army left her tribe alone.

It was a good outcome for her, as she enjoys the thrill of battle.


Another Story

First appearing in the story "False Peace", she joins the Rebel Army after as a result of leaving her village alone. While upset she has to leave her tribe and the chieftain (her father), she takes it up. Upon arriving, she battles Destrade, who is initially unconvinced that she is fit for Allen Platoon. After a short battle, the two remark about each other's abilities.

Before joining the Rebel Army, she had a desire to protect the innocent regardless of traditions. Sometime ago, a guardian went on a rampage, with the villagers believing that a drought was responsible for it. After watching a young boy die from his wounds due to the guardian, she went off to avenge him, even though her father told her not to. She killed it (a bear), but one month later, wolves came in and caused more problems. Her father told her that the bear ensured that no other predators would come, and with its death, no one could stop them.

She later takes part in a mission to capture the Huge Hermit.




  • Her appearance bears a resemblance to Kale, from Dragon Ball Super.
  • Her name is a "Hurricane" in Spanish.
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