Hong Kong is a city in East Asia, located in southern China. Return to Hong-Kong, the fifth mission in Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X, takes place here.


Hong Kong is famous for contributing a significant portion to the Rebel Army's commercial ventures. It is among the faction's primary industrial centers, being the site of many factories where weapons and vehicles are intensively produced for the rebels' disposal.

Numerous food stores line up the main street in the mission it is set in, which can be destroyed for extra points. As a side effect of its bustling economy, the city has had an exponential increase in population, resulting in the establishment of slums stretching for many miles, where the Big Shiee lies in wait for the player.



Downtown Hong Kong.


  • In Metal Slug 2, while approaching the shanty town area of the level, a commercial airplane can be seen lifting off into the sky in the background. This is replaced by a view of a gang of hovering Mini-UFOs in Metal Slug X.
  • Enemy formations in this stage differ noticeably between both Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X:
    • In the dry creek area of the stage, players will have to deal with Ferry Boats in 2, while in X, players will have to contend with wells containing Rebel Missiles and Rocket Divers.
    • Mini-UFOs make a scene before the players approach the Big Shiee in Metal Slug X, which would explain how Hong Kong was captured with ease by the Rebel Army in-universe.
  • The creek traversed halfway through the level can be shot at to reveal a small school of fish worth around a thousand points.

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