Hilde Garn's Slug is a Rebel Super Vehicle ridden by the titular owner. It serves as the final boss for Metal Slug: 1st Mission and the penultimate boss for Metal Slug: 2nd Mission.

Boss Synopsis

M17G MS1stM

Metal Slug: 1st Mission

The Slug first shows up after Hilde Garn enters the Rebel Truck's container. The Slug's size appears more than twice of a SV-000. It is able to fly and jump around using its thruster in its back.

The actual fight begins at the Rebel Zeppelin. Whenever the Slug jumps and hovers in mid-air, it shoots from its Vulcan in a downward curve. Lacking a cannon, Hilde Garn's Slug shoots homing missiles through its back. The Slug is capable of activating a Metal Slug Attack without self-destructing. If the Slug falls off the Zeppelin, it will pop out from behind the blimp.

The top of the Slug pops out when enough damage is given. The Slug's only attack at this point is using its Vulcan to fire in a circular manner. Once the Slug is fully destroyed, Hilde Garn falls to his death, and the Hero uses his parachute to escape.

Metal Slug: 2nd Mission

While Hilde Garn does not appear in this game, his Slug has been rebuilt and fights in Mission 37 (Lone Assault). It only has two attacks, the downward bullet sweep and its missiles, and does not have a second phase.


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