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Hi Do

The Hi-Do is the Rebel Army's primary transport gunship.


The Hi-Do is a gunship helicopter used by Donald Morden. Designed for testing purposes, it has heavy armor and is equipped with several weapons, making it a versatile combat vessel. It is the last boss from Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 and later appears in Metal Slug 3 as a mid-boss of the last mission while in Metal Slug 4, there is a blue variant that is used by the Regular Army to transport their commando units. It is likely to be a repurposed version of the original that was captured after the Rebel's defeat. There is also a longer green version that appears in Metal Slug 6 and another green version that appears at Metal Slug 7 during the credits, with Rumi Aikawa piloting it.


As the Hi-Do is the personal transportation of General Morden, Morden himself will appear on the cabinet, firing rockets from his bazooka constantly, in the same way he does in the Hairbuster Riberts. Morden is constantly aiming at the player and can fire in any direction except under or above. If the player stays under him too long, the minigun underneath will fire from right to left. Its main attack is to launch heat-seeking missiles from the front. After some time, the Hi-Do will begin to carpet bomb the entire screen. The same attacks are used in a Metal Slug 3 mini-boss fight by a Mars Person disguised as Morden. The speed of it's movement and attacks will begin to increase as its heath lowers.

The Hi-Do appears as a unit in Metal Slug Defense. It has reasonably high HP for its AP cost, though it gets depleted quickly due to its large size, push-back immunity, and the fact that (despite its appearance) it's treated as a ground unit; as such, it's important to keep it away from the front lines. It fires barrages of six homing missiles at a time, which have long range and target air units (though the Hi-Do will not aggro air units), and Morden will shoot his bazooka at encroaching units. When using its special, it will fly above the nearest enemy unit (this takes it well out of range of most units, although some can still hit it) and fire upon a wide area with its minigun.


Vechiclesuper 99

Regular Army Helicopter: Variant used by the regular army in Metal Slug 4.


Hi-Do (Green): Variant ridden by Rumi Aikawa in Metal Slug 7. It also found in the first scene in Mission 5 in Metal Slug 6


  • The Hi-Do is based off the CH-47 Chinook helicopter.
  • Its real life counterpart isn't so resistant, it can be destroyed easily with a cannon.
  • It is possible that the Mars People helped to make the Hi-Do, as in Mission 3 of the first game the player can see a UFO after defeating Allen.
  • The Hi-Do is a purchasable unit in Metal Slug Defense for 400 medals as the 3rd most expensive unit.
    • Tied with Morden Saucer, Hi-Do is the toughest unit in the Rebel Army in Metal Slug Defense before 1.25.0 update
    • Also, Hi-Do is the third toughest and most expensive aircraft unit in the game.
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