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Character Information

He is a recruit in PF Squad. On his way to investigate the aims of the rebel army, our hero obtains startling information from a rescued hostage that the insurgents have made contact with space aliens. He requests backup from HQ, but surprisingly he is ignored as they believed he became shell shocked. Reluctantly, he resolves to attack the enemy base single-handedly.

In Other Games

Metal Slug Defense

Originally a cameo in the game's POW list, Gimlet (along with Red Eye) become purchasable units in the 1.42.0 update; Gimlet uses his Grenade Gun. His sprite has been updated to match the arcade visuals, although he is an edit of Tarma.

Metal Slug Attack

Gimlet makes his reappearance in Metal Slug Attack's "Metal Slug Alice" event as a Pack-Shop unit, now available in the POW Shop. His Grenade Gun has been upgraded to shoot more grenades with a knock-back effect.


  • He resembles Tarma by his hair and clothing.
  • He seems to be wielding a Mauser C96 Broomhandle in Metal Slug Defense on the POW list.
  • Gimlet is erroneously named "Marco" in the English manual of Second Mission.



Gimlet on Metal Slug Defense.

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