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Gerhardt City is a location in Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001, where the fifth mission, The City Under Despotism, takes place. It appears in the second mission of Metal Slug 4 as well, this time continuing into Ridge 256. The city, despite its German-sounding name, is presumably located in Italy.


Gerhadt City is mostly a wealthy city, comprised of large residential buildings and many commercial facilities, like butcher's shops, bakeries and wine cellars, all located along its main avenue. It also offers mail and delivery services, taking advantage of its location.

Its main avenue leads to a road used to reach the Straits of Traven, the main naval access to the outside and the location of the Rebel's base of operations. Due to its strategic position, the rebels invade the city, subsequently using the city lines to transport supplies to its troops into the battlefields.

To block access to the straits by any opposition force, the rebels use a squadron of Flying Taras and one of the twin tanks, the Shoe & Karn, as well as strategically positioning the large Iron Nokana at the end of the road, as it was specifically designed for this purpose. By the time the Regular Army arrives at the city, most of it has fallen under rebel control, resulting in most of the citizens fleeing the city during the First Modern War.



With Regular Army in control.

Gerhardt City Residential Area

The main residential area of the city.

Gerhardt City Road

The road leading to the outside of the city.


  • Gerhardt City is strongly based on the Italian city of Trieste, sharing with it some characteristics: Trieste, although Italian, has a German-speaking minority, is a coastal city but surrounded by mountains, namely the Alps, and has a very busy haven.

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