Free Fall is the twenty-fifth mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission.

Mission Synopsis

After the Slug Flyer's destruction at the fuel refinery, Gimlet and Red Eye use their Drop Packs to carefully descend inside of a tall canyon. While the occasional missiles may be a slight hassle, the actual obstacle of this mission are the spiked ledges that are an instant kill. Various point items hover on top of the spikes as a visual warning. Margaret is waiting at the bottom-right of the canyon.

Pre-mission Calls


Emergency! Flyer damaged! Must eject!
Drop Pod fired. Switching to evac mission.

Red Eye

Yeeek! I’ve been hit!! I can’t continue! Ejecting now! Relay orders when I’m down. Sorry!
Evac confirmed. That’s a valley. Stay sharp!


  • Gimlet's Mission Complete: Proceeds to Mission 26 (Decoy Strategy).
  • Red Eye's Mission Complete: Proceeds to Mission 29 (Close Combat).

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