The Formor is the first boss of Metal Slug Advance. This tank is the Rebel Army's imitation of the SV-001 Metal Slug.


"This Slug has been developed by Morden's Armies.It moves faster than any Slug of the Regular Army despite its size."-MSD info

The Formor is twice as big as a regular Metal Slug, and it is painted green. The Formor is mostly a smaller version of the Ptolemaic Army's giant Metal Rear, with more maneuverability but less powerful than its giant cousin. Instead of the vulcans, the Formor uses what appears to be autocannons.


Formor is often use for having same pattern of firing the main cannon or the autocannons and trying to stomp on the player. After it loses half of his health, it will also try to jump on top of the player.

As this tank attempts to run over the player, its bottom is revealed. The bottom, when attacked by any weapon, has a minor explosion every time it gets hit there, most likely to be a weak point.

This boss, due to its low health, can be easily beaten by using the previously obtained Metal Slug or Shotgun. Moreover, the player can also simply use grenades and the handgun. Black Hound, Armor Piercer, and Crawler will provide a short work. thus, the player will unlock Formor's Card after defeating the boss.


  • Even though the Formor is much smaller than the Metal Rear, they both seem to have around the same amount of HP.
  • Metal Slug Advance's card indicates it's 3 times as big as the normal Metal Slug, though this has been disproved.
  • it also appears in Metal Slug Defense as an affordable unit with stars in the 2015 Christmas event.
  • It also appears in Metal Slug Attack as an event unit, on the Extra Ops: Boy Memories, its parts can be obtained through the POWs rescued in a random stages... Also, Formor is the only rare unit in Metal Slug Attack which is a boss.
  • To date with, Formor is the smallest boss in the entire Metal Slug franchise.


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