A UFO used by the Invaders that can use waste or meteors as weapons. It can throw single, multiple, or all the objects at you.

In the Mission 3 it gets waste with green light (moves slow), then it turns with orange light (fast) and when it takes too long, it will get red-lighted waste (very fast). Sometimes it takes control of fishes, shooting at them will be free and you can take it for score.

Ones in Mission 4 will fires several of slow, but powerful energy laser when all the meteors are used or destroyed. The one in the Slug Flyer path will send extra enemies for each meteor destroyed (this only occurs in Hard Mode) such as first having massive hordes of Invader UFO trying to destroy Slug Flyer, then several additional Parasites, and then 2 Squad Leader Flying Invaders and 2 Invader UFOs.


  • Its Official Name was revealed in Metal Slug Defense 1.25.0 patch.
    • Like many Invaders unit. Before official name was given in MSD, They are commonly referred to as "VFEO's", which stands for " Venusian Flying Energy Objects".

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