The Fire Work Rockets are Weapons used by the Fanatics, on the Metal Slug Series.


The weapon resemble conventional fireworks but with somewhat radical operation. The rocket fly in horizontal direction, but with somewhat unstable fligh path. For this reason it would be difficult to aim for the rocket (except by using machine gun, shotgun or any weapon with large projectile). When thrown they will approach faster to the player, but they can be diverted, only shooting at them. It seems to be another crude weapon used by the Rebel Army, but it has a hidden warhead at the tip of the rocket, strangely enough. The rocket may be equipped with proximity fuse, partly explaining why the rocket richocheting (instead of detonating) when a bullet hit it.

Player may jump over them if situation allowed. Any weapon with large projectiles or blast area can divert the rocket trajectories away from player. If possible, Fanatics using these must be eliminated immediately as most of them positioned themself in the "ambush" postion where slow reacted player will bogged down to an open or minimally protected pocket.

Standard Handgun (Murder .50AE | Murder Model-1915 .38 Mk.1Am) | AR-10 | M-3685 | M60
Limited Heavy Machine Gun | Rocket Launcher | Flame Shot | Shotgun | Laser Gun | Iron Lizard | Super Grenade | Enemy Chaser | Drop Shot | Two Machine Guns | Zantetsu Sword | Thunder Shot

Machine Gun | Special Shot | Grenade Gun | Missile Pod | Bazooka | Sniper Rifle

Bombs Grenade | Fire Bomb | Stone | Earring Bomb | Smoke Bomb | Monolith | Snowball
Melee Knife | Tonfa | Hatchet | Tomahawk | Punching Glove | Stun Gun | Wrench | Vulcan Punch | Argentine Backbreaker | Moon Slasher
Other AA Machine Gun | Thunder Cloud | Mobile Satellite

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