The Fanatics are a type of soldier utilized by the Rebel Army, the Future Rebel Army, the Ptolemaic Army and the Amadeus Syndicate, with the Rebel Army being the first to field them. They are often thought of as the bravest, most loyal soldiers found serving under their respective armies. Unlike most other types of infantry, they are not equipped with conventional weaponry. Most fanatics are trained to sabotage vehicles, and are also famous for their leaping knife attacks.

Fanatic Types

135aSoldierrollerminegn9 Soldier knife attackSoldierrocketthrowlonggm2
Rebel Fanatics: The fanatics used by the Rebel Army. They are not equipped with conventional weaponry, instead using improvised weapons such as rockets or explosive bowling balls, or leap at the player from behind and slash with their knives. If the player is driving a Metal Slug, some of the fanatics will attempt to jump onto the Slug and will either use a grenade to damage the hull, or use a hammer to damage the Vulcan cannon. Fanatico-Ptolemaico-Cuchillo-ArrojadizoPtolemaic soldier meleeFanatico-Ptolemaico
Ptolemaic Fanatics: Subdivision of the Spec Ops division of the Ptolemaic Army. In addition to the weaponry used by the Rebel army, Ptolemaic fanatics are also equipped with throwing knives.

Future Fanatics: The fanatics used by the Future Rebel Army. Unlike the other fanatics, they only have their leaping melee attack, and instead of a knife they use a glove that discharges a lethal electric shock.


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