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The first, Martian-themed event.

Extra Ops are event-oriented modes with cooperative elements in Metal Slug Attack, first introduced in 1.4.0. The player is presented with stages that cost MSA currency Sortie Points small compressed Sortie Points to play and give MSD currency MSP MSP, MSA Unit Part (Single) Unit Parts, and unique Boot Event Items as drops, while also generating MSA currency Exclusive Points Exclusive Points.

Each event typically introduces new Units. With the exception of Guild Ops, each Extra Ops has short skits at their beginnings and ends.

Exclusive Points

MSA currency Exclusive Points

MSA currency Exclusive Points Exclusive Points are a currency exclusive to this mode, however they cannot be spent directly and reset at the end of each event. Instead they are used as a unit of measure, rewarding the player for reaching specific milestones. EPs are generated depending on mission outcomes, as well as Completion Rank, and are further influenced by presence of Expert Units in the active deck and use of Reward Up (percentages affect the base values of EP rewards for any given stage). Expert Units can be set up at the Soldier Camp for guild mates to use (bonuses from duplicate units stack) - each unit can only be hired once a day from other players.

The icon representing EP changes depending on the event, though it retains its distinctive silver disc appearance.

Expert Units

Certain units are flagged as "experts" during each event, and add extra Exclusive Points at the end of each mission. These flash while building your deck, making them easy to spot.

Exactly which units are experts depends on the current event. Typically the selection includes:

  • Current Super Rare pre-acquisition / box / step unit (highest bonuses)
  • Current Rare pre-acquisition unit / Pack Shop (second highest bonuses)
  • Last month's Super Rare and/or Rare pre-acquisition unit (slightly lower bonus)
  • Previous Extra Ops boss (lower bonuses)
  • Various units, typically a max of 3 (lowest bonuses) - usually, the Rare unit that can be unlocked in the EO is one of these expert units.

Pressing the Expert button in the Extra Ops menu displays icons next to the current set of experts:

MSA event points increase Increases points gained per victory by X%.
MSA event power increase Unit has increased power and costs less AP to deploy. Best experts have higher AP reduction.
MSA event gold enemy increase (Daily Ranked only) - Increases the chance of golden enemies appearing each stage.
MSA event deck attack increase (Guild Ops only) Increases the damage of all units in that deck.
MSA event progress increase (Score Attack only) - Soldier moves further with each victory (bosses may be fought more often).
MSA event rare boss (Rare Boss only) - Rare bosses appear more often.

Extra Ops types

The Extra Ops have six main types, each with unique features. They often go in the order: Marathon, Daily Ranked, Rare Boss, Score Attack (or Guild Ops, which have been replacing Score Attack). Crank Key is rarely seen.

The Ops types also determines the boss' items. Marathon and Rare Boss EOs have non-craftable silver items. This means the items are only available through that EO until it is released on Another Story. Ranked EOs (both normal and daily) have craftable silver items, meaning that even after their EO is over, the exclusive items can still be created with normal items, but will take longer than usual to complete. Guild Ops bosses do not have any unique items of their own and instead rely on normal items to unlock their skills.

Single-Player Ops

These events are non-ranked: the player merely needs to achieve certain set scores to evolve the boss. As the player increases their score, they can obtain free unit parts (of Normal, Rare and Super Rare units), medals, items exclusive to that Extra Ops unit, and generous amounts of MSP. The featured Extra Ops unit can be claimed by the player as a Silver unit once the first ten stages have been beaten.



The first type of Extra Ops introduced in the game.

Originally the concept of this Ops was similar to that of the Rare Boss event, with only ten stages available. It was later changed (as of "CODE: ASSAULT") to a combination of three maps (Normal, Hard and Ultra Hard), each with ten stages, for a total of thirty.

Starting with the "Power of New Versions" event, players must complete all stages on Normal before accessing Hard, and the Hard stages to unlock Ultra Hard. Each difficulty has a recommended minimum level - SNK suggests 1 for Normal, 20 for Hard, and 40 for Ultra.

While the map layouts are the same for each difficulty, the strength and types of enemies encountered varies. Difficulty also affects number of P.O.Ws; on Easy, only 3 can be rescued. On Normal, this increases to 4, and on Hell, this caps at 5.

All Extra Ops of this type
Extra Ops Version Stage Reward
Mars Attack 1.4.0  Rugname
Ptolemaic Attack 1.8.0  Ptolemaios
CODE: ASSAULT 1.11.0  Amadeus Type:α
Boy Memories 1.13.0  Cabrakan
Mutation War 1.15.0  Huge Hermit
Santa Trap 1.17.0  Tani Oh
Crazy Drive 1.19.0  Iron Cab
Signal Red 1.20.0  Mars Brain Robot
Power of New Versions 2.0.5  Red Devil Morden
Wild Edge 2.2.0  Metal Rear EX
Rider's High 2.4.0  Iron Vermilion
Break In The Shell 2.6.0  Emerald Turtle
Clash of the Worlds 2.8.0  Monoeye UFO
Double Face 2.10.0  Drache Macha
Last Resort 2.10.0  Tiger Macha
Silent Assassin 2.12.0  Toschka Dalanue II
Dancing Brave 2.14.0  Union 03 Ver.P.M
White Breath 2.16.0  Prototype Iron II

Rare Boss


The second type of single-player Extra Ops. It has the same conditions as the first type: beat all ten stages to win the Reward Unit and collect Exclusive Points in order to evolve it. The difficulty of the stages ramps up significantly after the seventh.

It's known for the Rare Bosses which randomly appear upon stage completion. These take over a random stage until they're defeated (expiring after an hour if ignored), and all POWs freed upon beating them drop part icons for the boss fought (with some exceptions - eg during "No Limit", the Augensterm PM was fought in place of the Custom Vehicle). As the name suggests, the Rare Boss is usually of the "Rare" rarity, but some Rare Bosses have appeared with the "Super Rare" rarity. P.O.Ws freed will always yield unit parts of the mini-boss if it is of the "Rare" rarity; if it is of the "Super Rare" rarity, these parts will not be always guaranteed, as P.O.Ws may yield other rewards.

Be on the lookout for Expert Units which raise the Rare Boss appearance rate. These are always the newly introduced units, a Rare or Super rare that was an Expert unit during an older Extra Ops, and the boss unit of the previous Extra Ops. In addition to this, use units that are guaranteed to net you all the P.O.Ws on each stage to maximize the number of parts obtained.

Should the Rare Boss appear on one of the regular Boss levels (stages 7 or 10), the player will instead fight a more powerful version of the main boss with additional units in tow. Although very uncommon, it is possible for a Rare Boss stage to appear immediately upon completing a previous Rare Boss stage.

Stage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Difficulty MSA difficulty 1-Very EasyMSA difficulty 1-Very EasyMSA difficulty 2-EasyMSA difficulty 2-EasyMSA difficulty 3-NormalMSA difficulty 3-NormalMSA difficulty 4-HardMSA difficulty 4-HardMSA difficulty 5-Very HardMSA difficulty 6-Hell
All Extra Ops of this type
Extra Ops Version Rare Boss Main Boss
Mummy's 1.7.0  Mummy Cat  Pharaoh's Arc
Golden Soldier 1.10.0  Abul Abbas  Assy Nero
Zombie Parade 1.12.0  Tar Man (Red)  Big John
Halloween Train 1.14.1  Subway  Emain Macha
Invader Girl 1.16.1  Huge Ivy  Sol Dae Rokker (Anima)
Queen's Battle 1.18.0  Augensterm Ver(P.M)  Jupiter Queen (P.M.)
Pharaoh Rebirth 1.20.0  Mummy Generator(Mummy Cat)  Tyrant Pharaoh
Tough & Cool 2.1.5  Balor  Sergeant Drill
Amadeus Revenge 2.3.0  Di-Cokka(Amadeus)  Amadeus Type:γ
Mad Scientists 2.5.0  Tiny UFO Type:A  Mars Professor
Next One 2.7.0  Airbone Metal Claw  Slug Gigant MK II
Glow in the Dark 2.9.0  Sarubia II Ver.P.M  Deep Sand Marine
No Limit 2.10.0  Custom Vehicle  Caro's Augensterm
Eternal Way 2.13.0  Sarubia (Amadeus)  Sea Satan+
Blood Runaway 2.14.0  Karn MK II  Shoe MK II
Cross Over Fate 2.15.0  Gunner Unit(Abyss)  Ptolemaios (Abyss)
Same Direction 2.17.0  Formor+  The Keesi III+

Ranked Ops

These events are global battles to obtain parts for the main Reward Unit. The rewards are similar to the Single Ops events, although no medals are awarded for first-time stage clears.

Score Attack


The first type of ranked Extra Ops, named after its original incarnation. Players were placed into one of ten groups, and rewards were assigned at the end of the events based on who obtained the most Event Points within each group (a Platinum boss for the top ten, Gold for the top hundred, and Silver for the top thousand). Only level 10+ players could participate.

Gameplay consisted of two types of stage: a simple battle against weak units had to be fought multiple times (for a mere 5 sortie points per run), earning "progress points" towards the boss stage. Beating the boss reset the player's progress, forcing them to replay the previous battles again, but granting access to a more powerful boss with each iteration. Certain Expert Units sped the player's progress towards the boss stages, reducing the number of other battles that had to be fought.

Following a number of player surveys on the matter of favourite / least favourite events, Score Attacks were effectively replaced with Guild Ops. They were last seen in January 2017.

All Extra Ops of this type
Extra Ops Version Rank Reward
Score Attack!! 1.8.0  Sol Dae Rokker
Black Future 1.10.0  Kraken
Alien vs. Morden 1.13.0  Rootmars
Agent Sally 1.14.0  Union
Operation Ikari 1.17.0  Iron Nokana MK II
X Day 1.19.0  Rugname X

Daily Ranked


As the name suggests, prizes are handed out to the top-ranked players at the end of each day. To earn points, enemies are fought in a manner similar to Crank Key events, as the game churns out weaker units alongside the boss (the featured unit). The majority of bosses appear last, though immobile ones (eg Jade John) are pre-placed on the map.

Weaker enemies may occasionally appear in silver or gold forms, garnering more points when killed. Certain Expert Units increase their appearance rates, as does the higher difficulty levels. For example, on Hell difficulty there is a 79% chance to encounter normal mobs, a 15% chance to encounter silver mobs, and a 6% chance to encounter gold mobs.

Rank Rewards
All Extra Ops of this type
Extra Ops Version Rank Reward
Pirates Attack 1.9.0  Big Shiee
Metal Slug Alice 1.12.0  Crablops
Sand Locker 1.14.0  Sand Marine
Destroy the Tower 1.16.1  Toschka Dalanue
Flying Ace 1.18.0  Dark Monoeye
Signs of Curse 2.1.0  Ptolemaios (Curse)
Pirate's Ghost 2.2.0  Ghost Shiee
Green Monster 2.4.0  Jade John
Maximum Evolution 2.6.0  Hodumi+
Bicycle Maiden 2.8.0  Skull Hermit
Rising Iron 2.11.0  Dragon Nosuke+
Supply Lines 2.12.0  Regular Army Helicopter MKII
Royal Identity 2.14.0  Cabrakan MK II
Out of Control 2.16.0  Tani Oh MK II

Crank Key


The rarest type of Extra Ops, players fight against mass-produced enemy units. The amount of targets can be chosen before the battle begins, up to a maximum of 50 per play - this increases the amount of points earned (measured simply in kills), but has little bearing on the actual difficulty, as the enemies are very weak. Given that the sortie cost-per-play is the same regardless, it's always best to gun for the maximum number of targets possible.

There are two sets of rewards granted for obtaining certain kill-counts, based on Personal and Total scores. Personal rewards include Medal and VIP crank keys, allowing for free tries on the Mystery Crank. Total rewards are given to every participant once target kill counts are achieved by all players combined, and typically include massive amounts of MSP, moderate amounts of medals, and new avatar icons.

It is advised to save 10 of each crank key if possible, as they can then be used on the Mystery Crank together to guarantee an 80-part Super Rare icon, and, if using VIP keys, a platinum item.

All Extra Ops of this type
Extra Ops Version Target Unit
Jupiter King's Extra Ops 1.8.0
The King of Weapons 1.11.0
Food Army! 1.16.1
MSAUnit Riderless Ostrich
Merry Christmas! 1.18.0
MSAUnit Giant Sasquatch
Food Army! 2nd 1.19.0
MSAUnit Riderless Ostrich
Chocolate of the Dead 1.20.0
Jungle Monkeys 2.4.0

Guild Ops

A new type of Extra Ops released with the 2.3.1 update, Guild Ops is group content designed for Guilds (which players may join at level 8).

Each day during these events, four guilds are placed in a grid where they rush to claim territory by defeating bosses within each tile. Grid dimensions vary depending on the membership numbers of the guilds, going up to 10x10 in size.

Bosses aren't dangerous (especially since most are vulnerable to stun), but they have large health pools, varying according to the marked difficulty of the tile and the size of the map:

Boss Health
Grid Size Normal Hard Hell
8x8 12,000,000 25,000,000 50,000,000
9x9 18,000,000 35,000,000 70,000,000
10x10 25,000,000 50,000,000 100,000,000

Once a territory is gained enemy guilds may also attempt to capture the tile, although a defense deck set by the owning guild member who dealt the most damage will fight alongside the boss. Allied guild members can also spend MSP or medals to increase the boss's health (50,000 MSP for a 5% health buff or 100 medals for 10%; doesn't affect the defense deck).

Players can spend anywhere from 30 to 150 sorties on sorties against unclaimed/hostile territories, granting an equal number of seconds to deal as much damage as they can to the enemy, and one POW per ten sorties spent at the end of the stage. A "chain" will also be formed after an attack (assuming the tile remains uncaptured), increasing damage dealt during the *next* attack (1% per 10 sorties). Chains can continue to accumulate over multiple attacks in order to provide yet more damage, although they expire if no further attacks are performed within ten minutes.

Lower difficulty stages mainly award MSP, while higher difficulties provide more unit parts and items. Enemy bases have the highest chance of getting rare unit parts - as these cannot be captured, they also provide the best potential for building chains.

Rewards are granted to daily participants depending on the number of tiles their guild captured, and their overall rank compared to the other guilds:

Collecting Territories
Territories Held Parts Awarded
Daily Ranking
Rank Rank Reward
All Extra Ops of this type
Extra Ops Version Rare Prize Main Prize
Snatch Wars 2.3.1
Snatch Wars Season 2 2.5.0
Snatch Wars Season 3 2.7.0
Snatch Wars Season 4 2.9.1
Snatch Wars Season 5 2.11.0
Snatch Wars Season 6 2.13.0
Snatch Wars Season 7 2.15.0


During Single Map, Rare Boss and Daily Rank Ops, challenges will appear and grant rewards for players who complete them.

For Single Map and Rare Boss-type Ops, the challenges do not appear immediately; instead, they start appearing several days (the middle) after the Extra Ops officially begins. Daily Rank Ops challenges appear immediately.

The rewards and challenges are always the same in each Extra Ops.

Single Map/Rare Boss

These challenges are fairly easy. On Normal and Hard challenge sets, players are often required to perform challenges such as "defeat a stage in "x" seconds" or "kill the boss with a coup de grace with the Metal Slug Attack" command. Hell challenge sets require players to complete specific stages with units from one faction only (using Soldier Camp rentals doesn't count against the challenge) with an S-Rank. S-Ranking in Single Map requires the stage to be completed within 1 minute and 30 seconds, while Rare Boss requires the stage to be completed in less than a minute.

Completing each challenge set yields the player a single Mystery Crank key. These challenges do not reset, and thus are one-time only rewards.

Daily Rank

Unlike Single Map/Rare Boss-type Ops, there are no pre-set challenges; instead, the player completes them by obtaining a set amount of points. Rewards are given out when the player reaches 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 and 50,000 points during the attack. Rewards include Mystery Crank keys, medals, Pants and AP MAX items and MSP.

Unlike Single Map/Rare Boss challenges, these challenges reset themselves when the next attack begins. As each Daily Rank Ops lasts for 6 attacks, up to 12 Mystery Crank keys can be obtained if the player spends sorties to get 50,000 points each attack.


  • Augensterm Ver(P.M) is the first Super-Rare unit introduced as a Rare Boss (as of ver 1.20.0). The second now being Karn MK II (as of ver 2.14.0)
  • The Extra Ops "Pirates Ghost" was announced April 7th 2017, the same date the Japanese Battleship Yamato celebrated its 72nd Death Anniversary.
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