Extra Ops

MSA news pop-up Extra Ops - Mars Attack

The first, Martian-themed event.

Extra Ops is an event-oriented singleplayer mode with cooperative elements in Metal Slug Attack, first introduced in 1.4.0. The player is presented with stages that cost MSA currency Sortie Points small compressed Sortie Points to play and give MSD currency MSP MSP, MSA Unit Part (Single) Unit Parts, and unique Boot Event Items as drops, while also generating MSA currency Exclusive Points Exclusive Points.

Each event typically introduces new Units. With the exception of Guild Ops, Extra Ops have a short skit with them.

Exclusive Points

MSA currency Exclusive Points

MSA currency Exclusive Points Exclusive Points are a currency exclusive to this mode, however they cannot be spent directly and reset at the end of each event. Instead they are used as a unit of measure, rewarding the player for reaching specific milestones. EP are generated depending on mission outcomes, as well as Completion Rank, and are further influenced by presence of Expert Units in the active deck and use of Reward Up (percentages affect the base values of EP rewards for any given stage). Expert Units can be set up at the Soldier Camp for guild mates to use (bonuses from duplicate units stack) - each unit can only be hired once a day from other players.

The icon representing EP changes depending on the event, though it retains its distinctive silver disc appearance.

Expert Units

Certain units are flagged as "experts" during each event, and add extra Exclusive Points at the end of each mission. These flash while building your deck, making them easy to spot.

Exactly which units are experts depends on the current event. Typically the selection includes:

  • Current pre-acquisition unit (highest bonuses)
  • Previous pre-acquisition unit (second highest bonuses)
  • Current featured Rare unit (slightly lower bonuses)
  • Previous Extra Ops boss (lower bonuses)
  • Rare unit in the current Extra Ops (even lower bonuses)
  • Various units, typically a max of 3 (lowest bonuses)

Pressing the Expert button in the Extra Ops menu displays icons next to the current set of experts:

MSA event points increase Increases points gained per victory by X%.
MSA event power increase Unit has increased power and costs less AP to deploy.
MSA event progress increase (Accumulative Ranking only) - Soldier moves further with each victory (bosses may be fought more often).
MSA event gold enemy increase (Daily Ranking only) - Increases the number of golden enemies appearing each stage.
MSA event rare boss (Single Progressive Stages only) - Rare bosses appear more often.
Attack increase (Guild Ops only) Increases the damage of all units in that deck.

Extra Ops types

The Extra Ops have six main types, each with unique features. They often go in the order: Single Map, Daily Ranking, Single Progressive Stages, Accumulative Ranking (or Guild Ops, which have been replacing Accumulative Ranking). Target Elimination is rarely seen.

Single/Individual Ops

This events are not ranked and have only single rewards. As the player increases their score, they can obtain free unit parts (of Normal, Rare and Super Rare), medals, items exclusive to that Extra Ops unit, and generous amounts of MSP. The featured Extra Ops unit can be claimed by the player once all ten stages have been beaten; in the Single Map version, completing all the stages on Normal difficulty rewards the player with that unit.

Single Map


The first type of Extra Ops introduced in the game.

Originally the concept of this Ops was similar as that of the Single Progressive Stages, where only ten stages were available. It was later then changed since "CODE: ASSAULT" in which players can also choose the difficulty between Normal, Hard and Ultra Hard, each with ten stages.

Starting with the "Power of New Versions" event, players must complete all stages in Normal in order for the Hard stages to become available, and the same goes for unlocking Ultra Hard. Each difficulty has a recommended level; SNK recommends a level of 1 for Normal, 20 for Hard, and 40 for Ultra Hard.

While the maps are the same in each difficulty, enemies vary in each level and difficulty.

All Extra Ops within this type:

Extra Ops Version Stage Reward
Mars Attack 1.4.0  Rugname
Ptolemaic Attack 1.8.0  Ptolemaios
CODE: ASSAULT 1.11.0  Amadeus Type:α
Boy Memories 1.13.0  Cabrakan
Mutation War 1.15.0  Huge Hermit
Santa Trap 1.17.0  Tani Oh
Crazy Drive 1.19.0  Iron Cab
Signal Red 1.20.0  Mars Brain Robot
Power of New Versions 2.0.5  Red Devil Morden
Wild Edge 2.2.0  Metal Rear EX
Rider's High 2.4.0  Iron Vermilion
Break In The Shell 2.6.0  Emerald Turtle
Clash of the Worlds 2.8.0  Monoeye UFO

Number of P.O.W. per difficulty (Mars Attack ~ Ptolemaic Attack):

Stage MSA Tied P.O.W.
1 ?
2 ?
3 ?
4 ?
5 ?
6 ?
7 ?
8 ?
9 ?
10 ?

Number of P.O.W. per difficulty (CODE: ASSAULT ~ Wild Edge):

Difficulty Stages MSA Tied P.O.W.
MSA difficulty 3-Normal
1 ~ 10 3
MSA difficulty 4-Hard
1 ~ 10 4
MSA difficulty 6-Hell
1 ~ 10 5

Single Progressive Stages


The second type of single Extra Ops. It has the same conditions as the first type: beat all ten stages to win the Reward Unit and collect Exclusive Points in order to gain the Reward's unit parts and evolve it. While the difficulties are pre-placed and cannot be modified, Rare Bosses appear in their place.

Rare Bosses are sub-bosses appearing in this type of event. These bosses have a chance of appearing at a random stage after a mission clear and replace the enemy base. Their chances of appearance can be increased by placing Pack Shop and Pre-Acquisition units on a deck. With the exception of the "Queen's Battle" event, rescuing a POW in a Rare Boss stage always rewards the player with its parts.

Should the Rare Boss appear in the Boss levels instead, the player will instead fight a more empowered version of the featured boss.

Rare Boss Extra Ops Version
 Mummy Cat Mummy's 1.7.0
 Abul Abbas Golden Soldier 1.10.0
 Tar Man (Red) Zombie Parade 1.12.0
 Subway Halloween Train 1.14.1
 Huge Ivy Invader Girl 1.16.0
 Augensterm Ver(P.M) Queen's Battle 1.18.0
 Mummy Generator(Mummy Cat) Pharaoh Rebirth 1.20.0
 Balor Tough & Cool 2.1.5
 Di-Cokka(Amadeus) Amadeus Revenge 2.3.0
 Tiny UFO Type:A Mad Scientists 2.5.0
 Airbone Metal Claw Next One 2.7.0
 Sarubia II Ver.P.M Glow in the Dark 2.9.0
Stage Difficulty Enemy

Evolution Frame



1 MSA difficulty 1-Very Easy MSA unit --- I-stock 1
2 MSA difficulty 1-Very Easy MSA unit --- I-stock 3
3 MSA difficulty 2-Easy MSA unit --- I-stock 5
4 MSA difficulty 2-Easy MSA unit --- II-stock 7
5 MSA difficulty 3-Normal MSA unit --- II-stock 9
6 MSA difficulty 3-Normal MSA unit --- III-stock 12
7 MSA difficulty 4-Hard BOSS LEVEL 15 (?)
8 MSA difficulty 4-Hard MSA unit --- IV-stock 30
9 MSA difficulty 5-Very Hard MSA unit --- V-stock 35
10 MSA difficulty 6-Hell BOSS LEVEL 40 (?)

All Extra Ops within this type:

Extra Ops Version Stage Reward
Mummy's 1.7.0  Pharaoh's Arc
Golden Soldier 1.10.0  Assy Nero
Zombie Parade 1.12.0  Big John
Halloween Train 1.14.1  Emain Macha
Invader Girl 1.16.1  Sol Dae Rokker (Anima)
Queen's Battle 1.18.0  Jupiter Queen (P.M.)
Pharaoh Rebirth 1.20.0  Tyrant Pharaoh
Tough & Cool 2.1.5  Sergeant Drill
Amadeus Revenge 2.3.0  Amadeus Type:γ
Mad Scientists 2.5.0  Mars Professor
Next One 2.7.0  Slug Gigant MK II
Glow in the Dark 2.9.0  Deep Sand Marine

Ranked Ops

This events are global battles to get both Reward Unit and parts for it. The rewards are similar to the Single Ops setup, except no medals are rewarded upon winning.

Accumulative Ranking


The first ranked Extra Ops introduced with "Score Attack". On this Extra Ops, you'll be added on a group with same-level players. Only players within Level 10 or above can participate this kind of event. The mission is to get upper ranks to get better rewards. The prices are the following:

Rank Reward (parts) Evolutive Step
1-10 330 Diamond/Platinum
11-100 180 Gold
101-1000 80 Silver

Prices from the players with a rank from 1st until 750th may receive items for the featured Extra Ops unit, though some of them can be fused with MSP.

All Extra Ops within this type:

Extra Ops Version Rank Reward
Score Attack!! 1.8.0  Sol Dae Rokker
Black Future 1.10.0  Kraken
Alien vs. Morden 1.13.0  Rootmars
Agent Sally 1.14.0  Union
Operation Ikari 1.17.0  Iron Nokana MK II
X Day 1.19.0  Rugname X

Daily Ranking


As the name suggests, players are put into random groups. Enemies are fought in a manner similar to "Target Elimination", as the game churns out enemy units and the boss (the featured unit). Typically, bosses that are unable to move (e.g Jade John) are already pre-placed at the other end of the map. Bosses that are capable of moving appear when the last common enemy unit comes out.

The common enemy featured is separated into three types; the normal unit (ones players can obtain), silver, and gold variants.

While there is barely a noticeable change in combat performance between the common mobs, silver and gold enemies give more points, as shown to the picture on the right. The points from the common mobs are static and will not change with difficulty.

Difficulty will visibly affect the strength of the enemy, the amount of points the boss gives upon being defeated, and the chances of silver and gold units appearing in your run. For example, on Hell difficulty, there is a 79% chance to encounter normal mobs, a 15% chance to encounter silver mobs, and a 6% chance to encounter gold mobs.

Rank Reward (parts)
1st 80 Parts
2nd 70 Parts
3rd 60 Parts
4th-6th 55 Parts
7th-10th 50 Parts
11th-20th 40 Parts
21st-30th 30 Parts
31st-40th 25 Parts
41st-50th 20 Parts
51st-75th 10 Parts
76th-150th 5 Parts

All Extra Ops within this type:

Extra Ops Version Rank Reward
Pirates Attack 1.8.0  Big Shiee
Metal Slug Alice 1.12.0  Crablops
Sand Locker 1.14.0  Sand Marine
Destroy the Tower 1.16.1  Toschka Dalanue
Flying Ace 1.18.0  Dark Monoeye
Signs of Curse 2.1.0  Ptolemaios (Curse)
Pirate's Ghost 2.2.0  Ghost Shiee
Green Monster 2.4.0  Jade John
Maximum Evolution 2.6.0  Hodumi+
Bicycle Maiden 2.8.0  Skull Hermit

Target Elimination [citation needed]


The rarest type of Extra Ops due to the massive rewards all players obtain, it is an Extra Ops where players fight against mass-produced (and very weak) units. Players can choose a number of target units ranging from 5 to 50 enemies. While the difficulty changes accordingly based on the number of enemy units sent, it rarely changes the actual difficulty.

There are two rewards; a Total and Personal reward. Total rewards are rewards that every player obtains once the target number of units have been killed by all players combined. Total rewards typically give massive amounts of MSP, a moderate amount of medals, and new avatar icons. Personal rewards give crank keys (normal and VIP), allowing for free tries on the Mystery Crank.

In these events, it is advised to save 10 of each crank key if possible, as they can then be used on the Mystery Crank. 10x Crank keys will guarantee a SR unit (or 80 parts if you already have one), and a platinum item (if using VIP keys).

All Extra Ops within this type:

Extra Ops Version Target Unit
Jupiter King's Extra Ops 1.8.0
The King of Weapons 1.11.0
Food Army! 1.16.1
MSAUnit Riderless Ostrich
Merry Christmas! 1.18.0
MSAUnit Giant Sasquatch
Food Army! 2nd 1.19.0
MSAUnit Riderless Ostrich
Chocolate of the Dead 1.20.0
Jungle Monkeys 2.4.0

Guild Ops

A new type of Extra Ops released with the 2.3.1 update, Guild Ops is group content designed for guilds. As such, the only requirement for this Ops is to be in a Guild, which requires the player to be level 8.

In this Extra Ops, four guilds are placed in a 10x10 grid where they claim "territory" (smaller grid size of the guild is smaller) by defeating the boss in that area. Territories can be captured by defeating the boss in that area.

Bosses are weak, but come in three difficulties; Normal, Hard and Hell. Note that the health will be lower in smaller grids. The health provided assumes a 10x10 grid:

  • Normal bosses have 25 million health.
  • Hard bosses have 50 million health.
  • Hell bosses have 100 million health.

Once a territory is gained, players of the guild that capture that can fortify the health of the defending boss by spending MSP or medals (10,000 MSP for 1% health buff or 20 medals for 2%). This does not affect the deck defending the boss. The player who dealt the most damage to the boss in that territory will be the boss' assistants when other enemy guilds attempt to challenge it.

Players can spend anywhere from 30 to 150 sorties on sorties against unclaimed/hostile territories. This gives the player 30-150 seconds to deal as much damage as they can to the enemy. At the end of the stage, POWs will appear and give out rewards; the amount that appear depends on the number of sorties put in that attempt (10 sorties = 1 POW). A "chain" will also be formed after an attack, if that tile has not been claimed yet. It increases the amount of damage dealt (10 sorties = 1% damage boost). Chains can continue to accumulate to deal more damage. If no one attacks a tile 10 minutes after the last known attack, the chain and any stacks it has will be removed.

Lower difficulty stages will mainly give out MSP while higher difficulty ones will give out more unit/item parts. The enemy bases have the highest chance of getting rare unit parts.

Parts of the featured unit can be claimed in two ways (you need to participate in order to claim them):

  • Collecting territories:
Territories Held Parts Awarded
2-4 1 Part
5-8 2 Parts
9-11 3 Parts
12-16 4 Parts
17-21 8 Parts
22-27 16 Parts
28-33 24 Parts
34-39 32 Parts
40-47 40 Parts
48-60 50 Parts
61-68 60 Parts
69-77 65 Parts
78-86 70 Parts
87-96 80 Parts
97 90 Parts
  • Daily Ranking:
Rank Rank Reward
1 10 Parts
2 5 Parts
3 3 Parts
4 1 Part

All Extra Ops within this type:

Extra Ops Version Rank Reward Rare Unit Reward
Snatch Wars 2.3.1
Snatch Wars Season 2 2.5.0
Snatch Wars Season 3 2.7.0
Snatch Wars Season 4 2.9.1

List of Extra Ops

Mars Attack

MSA news pop-up Extra Ops - Mars Attack

The Mars Attack is the 1st event introduced in the Extra Ops.


The story of the event is when the Regular Army has been under attack by Rugname after they have annihilated Dai-Manji into thinking that it is already over. The ending is when Ralf and the rest of the Regular Army has destroyed Rugname, a Mars People can be seen falling into the ground, which later then salutes the Regular Army soldiers. This could possibly imply that the Martians have surrendered, the announcer can be heard saying "Mission Complete!".

Introduced Units:

Unit Rarity Available?
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via P.O.W. Rescue Shop
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Another Story Reward
MSA rarity Super Rare No
MSA rarity Rare Yes, via Another Story Reward
MSA rarity Rare No
MSA rarity Normal Yes, via MSP Crank

Jupiter King's Extra Ops

Msa shutter back018

Jupiter King's Extra Ops [citation needed] is the 2nd Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack, and is the first Target Elimination-themed event.




Mummy's is the 3rd Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack in the update 1.7.0.


Shortly after the events of Jupiter King, once there was a miner trying to mine an ancient artifact known as the 'Arabian Tears'. After a short while, the miner has finally dig out of the jewel until, the mine darkens out and Pharaoh appears, having fear on the Mummies around, the miner runs out of fear and Pharaoh can be seen grabbing the jewel via Psychic powers. The ending shows that Scotia Amundsen has finally destroyed Pharaoh, collecting the stolen jewel.

Introduced Units:

Unit Rarity Available?
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Rare Shop
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Another Story Reward
MSA rarity Super Rare No
MSA rarity Rare Yes, via Guild Shop
MSA rarity Rare Yes, via Another Story Reward
MSA rarity Normal Yes, via Another Story Reward

Score Attack!!

スコアアタック :MSA EXTRA OPS00:43

スコアアタック :MSA EXTRA OPS

The Score Attack!! is the 4th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack at Update 1.8.0.


It is presumably seen in the opening that the Japanese Soldiers can be seen in the cameo trying to summon Sol Dae Rokker. After some that they can be seen wandering around near the boss, after that the boss unleashes its Sun Stone, which forces the Japanese soldiers to bow and worship it, in the end there are Regular Army soldiers hiding in a large column, shocked into fear after discovering such thing.

In the ending cutscene, the Regular Army soldiers can be seen in the destroyed Sol Dae Rokker. The sun stone receptacle in its forehead got released. After for a while, Ptolemaios appears, killing them and grabbing the receptacle.

Introduced Units:

Unit Rarity Available?
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Rare Shop
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Another Story Reward
MSA rarity Rare Yes, via Medal/VIP Crank
MSA rarity Normal Yes, via Daily Log-in and, Another Story Reward

Ptolemaic Attack

プトレマイオス ステージ プレイ動画 :MSA EXTRA OPS02:18

プトレマイオス ステージ プレイ動画 :MSA EXTRA OPS

The Ptolemaic Attack is the 5th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack, and is the 2nd Event of the Update 1.8.0.


In the opening, Ptolemaios can be seen grabbing the Sun stone receptacle from Sol Dae Rokker's, which he used to built his tower. In the end, he used his Dark matter particles from the core of its tower to summon Masked Soldiers.

In the ending, Red Goblin has finally destroyed Ptolemaios. Then after that, another cutscene shows that some Guerillas came into Morden, possibly implying that the Rebels and the Ptolemaic army made a temporary alliances to each other. Also it is possible that Morden sent Ptolemaic soldiers in order to infiltrate the Regular Army, which later in the end, a Big Shiee can be seen.

Introduced Units:

Unit Rarity Available?
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Rare Shop
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Another Story Reward
MSA rarity Rare Yes, via Battle Shop
MSA rarity Rare Yes, via Another Story Reward

Pirates Attack

パイレーツアタック :MSA EXTRA OPS00:48

パイレーツアタック :MSA EXTRA OPS

Pirates Attack is the 6th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack, and the first Daily Ranking one.


During the Fio and Eri's summer vacations, they were surprised by a group of pirates, that includes gold and silver colored ones. Behind them, Big Shiee is arriving at land.

After a hard battle, Big Shiee was been destroyed with all pirates, and Tarma appears on the Regular Army Helicopter to get them. After, Morden is seen on it's saucer with an Aeshi Nero ready to be used.

Introduced Units:

Unit Rarity Available?
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Rare Shop
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Rare Shop
MSA rarity Normal Yes, via Daily Login
MSA rarity Rare No
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Another Story Reward

Golden Soldier

ゴールデン ソルジャー :MSA EXTRA OPS00:36

ゴールデン ソルジャー :MSA EXTRA OPS

Golden Soldier is the 7th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


A group of Regular Soldiers are fighting the arabian troops led by Abul Abbas. When Soldiers advanced, a Aeshi/Assy Nero appears abruptly as signal of victory, but surprisingly an armored man called "El Dorado" appears to defend it domains.

In the ending, Aeshi/Assy Nero is finally destroyed, and "El Dorado" reveals it face. In a certain point of future, a group of Future Rebels are finishing the preparatives to start up Kraken, what is ready to attack.

Introduced Units:

Unit Rarity Available?
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Rare Shop
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Another Story Reward
MSA rarity Super Rare No
MSA rarity Rare No
MSA rarity Rare Yes, via Battle Shop and Another Story
MSA rarity Rare No
MSA rarity Normal Yes, via Another Story and Daily Login

Black Future

ブラックフューチャー :MSA EXTRA OPS00:52

ブラックフューチャー :MSA EXTRA OPS

Black Future is the 8th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


The future rebel troops, along with Kraken and other future air-crafts are ready to dispatch and attack, but after Kraken leaves the screen, the Future Infantry is surprised by Professor, an old rebel scientist who allied with the Mars People, kills all the troops.

At the ending, Professor finally defeats Kraken, who leaves a portal to the past. Some drones are send through that portal, appearing on the Amadeus's base, where the Alpha Computer awaits and start up.

Introduced Units:

Unit Rarity Available?
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Rare Shop
MSA rarity Super Rare Yes, via Another Story Reward
MSA rarity Rare Yes, via Battle Shop
MSA rarity Rare No
MSA rarity Normal Yes, via Daily Login


コード:アサルト :MSA EXTRA OPS00:48

コード:アサルト :MSA EXTRA OPS

CODE: ASSAULT is the 9th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


Amadeus and his robot troops (includying Robot Morden and Mecha Allen) are ready to start their attack, but are surprised by a new face: Dragunov, a Ptolemaic commander, who anihilate Amadeus's troops. She is followed by many Hover Units rided by Guerrillas, which enter in the base to stole a secret Regular Army weapon.

At the end, Amadeus starts a self-destruct procedure. Dragunov and their troops escape from the base with the sucessfully stolen secret weapon, but, on the way, an explosion reach the Hover Unit who charge the weapon, droping it and implying the failure of the mission. At the bottom of earth, the weapon falls on the Crablops's Lair.

The King of Weapons



The King of Weapons is the 10th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack, and the second with the Crank Keys mechanic. The mission itself is destroy Slug Armor based on the Kusanagi Kyo and Yagami Iori design. The more units you destroy, the more rewards that you and other players can receive.

Metal Slug Alice

メタルスラッグ アリス :MSA EXTRA OPS00:45

メタルスラッグ アリス :MSA EXTRA OPS

Metal Slug: Alice is the 11th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack, and the second with Daily Rank.


A curious Chowmein Conga is clawing the secret weapon box to discover what is and, suddenly a mysterious cyber girl appears over the box. Once Crablops came to see what happened, the girl call the weapon inside, which is the SV-001 but on a blue variant. Finally, is revealed that is MS-ALICE, a SV-001 controlled by the girl, who is an Artificial Inteligence (A.I.). Then, the battle against a huge group of Chowmein-Conga and Crablops start.

At the end, Crablops is destroyed along with their troops, and Alice breaks free. Meanwhile, at other point of the Earth, a threatening Big John is awaiting the moment to act.

Zombie Parade

ゾンビパレード:MSA EXTRA OPS00:56


Zombie Parade is the 12th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack, and the third Single Progressive Stage.


Leona is infiltrated on a Zombie Parade in search of suspicious activity. Then, a couple of Zombie Scientists move out and Leona follows them to find it main target: Big John, that is controlling the zombies.

At the end, Leona uses it special move to finally destroy Big John and it evil plan.

Alien vs. Morden

エイリアン VS モーデン:MSA EXTRA OPS00:46

エイリアン VS モーデン:MSA EXTRA OPS

Alien vs Morden is the 13th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack, and the third with Accumulative Ranking.


Morden, along with their soldiers and Mars People (Normal. Cadre and Elite) are preparing an assault to the Invaders, who are brainwashing and restoring Rootmars. Meanwhile, on the space, the Invaders awaken Rootmars to attack.

At the end, Morden and Rootmars are face-to-face with some Invaders U.F.O., which are surprisingly destroyed by Rootmars, who recovered it memory in front of a laughing Morden.

Boy Memories

ボーイ メモリーズ :MSA EXTRA OPS00:39

ボーイ メモリーズ :MSA EXTRA OPS

Boy Memories is the 14th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


On a certain point of the world, Allen Jr. imprisoned some Peregrine Falcon recruits. While laughs as a signal of victory, Walter arrives to the location to confront him. But before that, he must defeat one of the biggest Rebel weapons: Cabrakan.

At the end, after a long battle, Walter destroys the Cabrakan, that launches a last "Gigantic Laser" just over Allen Jr., who disappears without leaving a trace. Meanwhile, on the middle of a near desert, a very familiar Ptolemaic vehicle emerges from the bottom of the sand, with a fainted Allen Jr. behind.

Sand Locker

サンド ロッカー:MSA EXTRA OPS00:22

サンド ロッカー:MSA EXTRA OPS

Sand Locker is the 15th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


Due to the recent dissapear of Allen Jr., the Rebel Army sent an officer to find him; Abigail. She arrives at the desert and finds a Ptolemaic Army vehicle: Sand Marine. Without hesitation, she order her drones to launch a beam, which release a Motorbiker Pow. This one drives fastly to encounter with Trevor.

After defeating the Sand Marine, Abigail remembers Trevor, letting on that she fell in love with him.

Halloween Train

ハロウィン トレイン:MSA EXTRA OPS00:27

ハロウィン トレイン:MSA EXTRA OPS

Halloween Train is the 16th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


The local town was disturbed by halloween people and halloween soldier partying for halloween that gone too far. and they also hijacked the several subways and the Emain Macha. Unsure of how to deal with them, the town calls and hires Vatn to deal with the problem.

Agent Sally

エージェント サリー:MSA EXTRA OPS00:50

エージェント サリー:MSA EXTRA OPS

Agent Sally is the 17th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


Heidern receives an emergency call: The Union is destroying the highway. To stop this madness, he sends Whip to stop it. She boards the Regular Army Helicopter to arrive at her destination.

At the end, she destroys the Unit 1 with her "Voodoo", send back the Unit 2's shoots and destroy the Unit 3 with her revolver, finishing her mission. Meanwhile, on the Dr. Moureau's Island, the Rebel Army is preparing a new weapon in order to finish it enemies, with Morden himself showing the progress.

Mutation War

Mutation War is the 18th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.
ミューテーション ウォー:MSA EXTRA OPS00:32

ミューテーション ウォー:MSA EXTRA OPS


The Rebel Army finished the creation of their new weapon: "Huge Hermit", but it goes out of control. The Rebel Infantry attempt to set up barricades but find that it is useless against such a giant crustacean. Suddenly, an enraged Allen O'Neil arrives and fends off the Huge Hermit.

At the end, Allen destroyed the Huge Hermit, but a bit later he falls into the sea, and the infantry jumps to water to save him. Meanwhile, on a field, a very known armed tower is ready for its mission.

Food Army!



Food Army is the 19th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack and the Third one with crank key's mechanic. The mission itself consist of making retreat all the incoming Ostrich Slug and making big scores to get more and better rewards.

Destroy the Tower



Destroy the Tower is the 20th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


Yoshino, a new face and the Martial Arts Instructor of the Ptolemaic Army is on a training camp with some freshmens on a field, but during a break, they receive a surprice attack of a Amadeus Syndicate boss: "Toschka Dalanue", which crushes an MG unit and kills the rest of the soldiers. Yoshino appears and hammers away the bottom three floors. The top floor appears and Yoshino backs off, with Amadeus robots appearing.

Yoshino later destroy the tower and celebrates the victory. Numerous Amadeus robots attempt to self-destruct to kill her, but she is saved by Dragunov, who took an extra Hover Unit with her.

Invader Girl



Invader Girl is the 21st Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


A group of natives are surrounding the remains of the defeated Sol Dae Rokker (destroyed during the "Score Attack!!" Extra Ops). They're reassembling it, and when they did it, the broken Sun Stone starts glowing and it comes to life with different appearace, being a Anima. But, before the natives do something, it goes out of control and kill them all due to the destruction of the Sun Stone, which acts like a controller. After the Invaders detect it energy, they send an investigator to find it: Odette, a mutant created by them that can stretch her arms and change it form.

At the end, when she find Sol Dae Rokker inmediatly proceeds to destroy it without hesitation.

Operation Ikari



Operation Ikari is the 22nd Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


On the desert, the arabic rebels, commanded by an Elite Arabian Soldier, took some hostages and an Arabic Fighter is about to kill one of them, but a sonic slash killed it. It was Heidern, who came because all it soldiers are on their respective duty. Meanwhile, an Iron Nokana MKII is getting ready to fight him, along with the Elite himself.

At the end, Heidern destroy the Iron Nokana MKII with his multiple skills and the soldier surrenders, who released his hostages.

Santa Trap

Santa Trap is the 23rd Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.



Eri was celebrating the holidays with Fio, but an emergency call made her go to the Death Valley to fight a powerful new weapon: "Tani-Oh", which is being tested against some test targets.

At the end, when Eri arrives to the location, the infantry heading the test laughs about her poor equipment in front of the Tani Oh's power. Enraged by the soldier laughing and her interrupted vacations, launch her most powerful attack: "Shooting-star Laser", which finish in no time the vehicle and make the soldier flee away. The mission is complete.

Merry Christmas!

Msa shutter back177
Merry Christmas! is the 24th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack and the fourth one with the Crank Keys Mechanic. The mission is kill the Sasquatch horde and defeat a giant one at the end.

Queen's Battle

Queen's Battle is the 25th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.



Abigail was sent to locate and eliminate a ptolemaic weapon, the Jupiter Queen, which was based on the Rebel Army's Jupiter King. Abigail finds the Jupiter Queen in an underground subway and struggles to defeat it.

At the same time, Abigail's sister, Beatriz, was informed her sister's struggle and decided to provide backup, in order to get praise from Abigail. She arrives and helps Abigail destroy the Jupiter Queen. After it is destroyed, Trevor Spacey passes through on his motorbike, causing Abigail to blush, which results in Beatriz getting jealous of Trevor.

Flying Ace

Flying Ace is the 26th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.



Yoshino fights against a rare variant of Monoeye: "Dark Monoeye" and many Tar Man on different colours, which are stopping her with it Resurection skill. Seeing this, a new Ptolemaic ally comes to help: "Caroline", a new face and the Ptolemaic Army's mechanic. With her scaled model of the F502 Shooting Ray, she forces the Monoeye and its minions to retreat.

At the end, Caroline puts Monoeye back into a corner, forcing it to use it last resource: "Monolith Airdrop", making fall three huge monoliths to protect itself, but she bury them easily, and when the last one is buried, Yoshino gives the final smash with her hammer, finishing Monoeye off.

Crazy Drive

Crazy Drive!! is the 27th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.



Ralf is following his enemy on the field, and when he lost it trail, the Iron Cab crushes and defeat him easily. But, when his corpse is on the floor, he stand up with his skin on livid red and stronger than ever and runs out.

At the end, he finally reach the Iron Cab and after several punches and a powerful kick he destroy it. After that, he falls tired, but Heidern arrives and orders him stand up again without hesitation.

Food Army! 2nd



Food Army! 2nd is the 28th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack and the Fifth one with crank key's mechanic. As the 1st part, we have to defeat a stampede of Ostrich Slug. The difference is that now Fat Eri and Fat Fio are the main obtainable units.

X Day

X DAYプロモーションビデオ:MSA EXTRA OPS00:38


X DAY is the 29th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


Marco is on a Rebel Base defeating some Mars People, but before he say victory, an Elite Mars People appears and call reinforcements, surrounding him. When looks that is the end, a P.O.W. (Hyakutaro maybe) appears and brings a SV-001 Type R with him. Meanwhile, outside the base, an improved Rugname is preparing it's attack: "Rugname X".

At the end, Marco defeats the remaining U.F.O.'s with Hyakutaro and both do a simultaneous attack that destroys the Rugname X.

Pharaoh Rebirth



Pharaoh Rebith is the 30th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


A mysterious red Mummy Cat finds the chariot of the defeated Pharaoh, and start what looks like a ritual to get him back to life. It results, but the Pharaoh is furious because it past defeat and goes mad. Then, he call his servants and order an attack the Mummy Cat, that disappears immediately, and later Scotia appears to fight him. Meanwhile, outside of the ruins, a new face appears to resolve the situation: "Cleopatra", and is revealed that the red Mummy Cat is part of her sect.

At the end, Scotia is doing all well repelling the Pharaoh's attacks, and suddenly Cleopatra appears and defeat all the Pharaoh's servants. Later she approach to him and calms down, disappearing both in front of a confused Scotia.

Chocolate of the Dead

Chocolate of the Dead プロモーションビデオ:MSA EXTRA OPS00:36

Chocolate of the Dead プロモーションビデオ:MSA EXTRA OPS

Chocolate of the Dead is the 31st Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack and the Sixth one with crank key's mechanic. The mission is protect the Nadia's chocolate from a hungry group of Zombie Trevor and Tarma.


Nadia was making some chocolate for Valentine's Day, but due an emergency call, she was unable to eat it all. She defends her chocolate stash from the now zombified Trevor and Tarma.

Signal Red

SIGNAL RED プロモーションビデオ:MSA EXTRA OPS00:40


Signal Red is the 32nd Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


The Professor is activating a new weapon: A Mars version of the Invaders's Brain Robot. Meanwhile, Morden prepare an offensive to destroy it. To do that, he sends a new Soldier: "VITA", a cyborg girl traumatized by her past.

Vita eventually destroys the robot. The Professor attempts to attack Vita, but is easily overpowered by her. Just as Vita is about to kill the Profesor, the red Ring Laser Mecha that accompanied the Professor abruptly arrives. The robot communicates with Vita, who leaves peacefully, before looking at the unconcious Professor.

Power of New Versions

Power of new versions:MSA EXTRA OPS01:01

Power of new versions:MSA EXTRA OPS

Power of New Versions is the 33rd Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


In the Secret Rebel Factory, Morden is waiting for his soldiers, who bring a red colored saucer, which he approves. Meanwhile, in the Regular Army base, MS-Alice wakes up a sleeping Marco, who presumably goes angry after hearing a mention of Morden. A soldier briefs them on their mission and the two depart to stop Morden.

Marco encounters Morden on his red saucer and fires his machine gun, severely damaging the saucer. But Morden does not panic or cower; instead, he laughs at Marco. Morden is picked up by an MH-6, and sets the red saucer on a self-destruct sequence to splatter Marco. Suddenly, MS-Alice crashes her SV-001 onto the red saucer, saving Marco. She appears in front of Marco and salutes him, crying in the process before disappearing. Marco is distraught but does not give up, taking the SV-001 remains back to base.

Back at the base, Marco seems to have calmed down and makes repairs to Alice's SV-001. After an undisclosed amount of time (and using many materials), he manages to repair the tank, though he gets tired to the point where he falls asleep. MS-Alice appears again thanks to Marco's efforts and wakes him up. Marco wakes up and the two are happy to see each other again.

Signs of Curse

Signs of Curse:MSA EXTRA OPS00:37

Signs of Curse:MSA EXTRA OPS

Signs of Curse is the 34th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


At the Ptolemaic base, Ptolemaios descends down, though a curse quickly changes his appearance. Annette, another Invader mutant, investigates and finds the cursed Ptolemaios. Special Forces soldiers appear to protect their returned leader.

Annette defeats the cursed Ptolemaios, and is thinking about Odette. Odette, being completely carefree and easygoing, arrives late.

Tough & Cool

Tough & Cool:MSA EXTRA OPS00:28

Tough & Cool:MSA EXTRA OPS

is the 35th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Wild Edge

Wild Edge : MSA EXTRA OPS00:27


is the 36th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Pirate's Ghost

Pirate's Ghost : MSA EXTRA OPS00:26

Pirate's Ghost : MSA EXTRA OPS

is the 37th Extra Ops introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

A standard Regular Army soldier is patrolling through a ghostly mist when suddenly, the Ghost Shiee appears. The Ghost Shiee was the Big Shiee that was sunk during "Pirate's Attack". The soldier flees, and Fio then arrives on the scene. Fio then destroys the Ghost Shiee.

Amadeus Revenge



Amadeus tries out tries out a new type of machine after having been defeated in "CODE: ASSAULT". He uses new lasers to destroy a standard Amadeus Robot in a test, and is delighted with the results.

Elsewhere, Rumi Aikawa prepares to stop Amadeus. When Rumi arrives, Amadeus attempts to kill her with the machine's lasers, but fails to do so as Rumi dodges them. Rumi then carelessly throws a handful of grenades, which all seem to miss. Amadeus laughs at her poor accuracy before the grenades fall on top of him and destroy the machine. Amadeus is defeated and clearly not happy.

Snatch Wars

Msa shutter back271

Jungle Monkeys



Rider's High

Rider's High : MSA EXTRA OPS00:27

Rider's High : MSA EXTRA OPS

Green Monster



Mad Scientists



Snatch Wars Season 2

Msa shutter back302

Break In The Shell



Maximum Evolution



Next One



Snatch Wars Season 3

Msa shutter back336

Clash of the Worlds



Bicycle Maiden



Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark: MSA EXTRA OPS00:57

Glow in the Dark: MSA EXTRA OPS

Snatch Wars Season 4

Msa shutter back361

Menu Soundtrack

Originally, the menu soundtrack for the Extra Ops used either 'Hard Water' or the MS7/XX version of Soldier Select ('Barracks', MS7 ver.). Since "Agent Sally" (although "Mummy's" had a unique theme), every Extra Ops has a different soundtrack. These themes are:

However each of the event's own stages have their own unique theme.


  • Augensterm Ver(P.M) is the first and only Super-Rare unit introduced as a Rare Boss thus far (as of ver 1.20.0).
  • The Extra Ops "Pirates Ghost" was announced since April 7, 2017. April 7, 2017 was also the date the Japanese Battleship Yamato celebrated its 72nd Death Anniversary.
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