El Dorado MSA win

El Dorado is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

He is a billionaire who lives in the Sand Kingdom. At some point he invented an armored suit powered by plasma and equipped with a high-powered jet engine; this helps him protect the sand kingdom from the rampaging Assy Nero.

He is cool and calculating, though with a somewhat sharp tongue.


Extra Ops

El Dorado first appears in the Extra Ops "Golden Soldier", where he repels an attack by Abul and his lackeys, who use the Assy Nero.

Another Story

El Dorado first appears in "The Sand Kingdom and the Golden Hero", where he travels around the Sand Kingdom to protect its villagers. He helps Eri and Fio repel the Rebel Army from the Sand Kingdom before taking custody of Abul Abbas.

Later on in "Cleopatra's Pleasure Tour", he hits on Cleopatra, initially believing her to be a cosplayer since he had a portrait of her in the palace. When he sees Cleopatra's power on the battlefield, he realizes that Cleopatra has returned and accompanies her to fulfill her desires as he does not want to anger her. After Cleopatra and her servants enter the portal, he has doubts about not joining them, but quickly changes his mind and returns to the palace.


  • He is heavily based on the Marvel Universe superhero Iron Man.
  • His suit is an edited version of the Slug Armor.
  • When added to the same deck, he and the Professor form a team as "New Face II", lowering their AP cost by 10%.
  • El Dorado is a Spanish term for "the golden one" which briefly explains why he proclaimed himself as a golden person.



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