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Drill Slug

Full Name
Super Vehicle eXtra Type 22UG "Drill Slug"
Primary Weapons
12.6 mm Vulcan
Secondary Weapons
400mm diameter heavy-duty drill
3 hits
First Game
Last Game

The Drill Slug is a special slug found only in Metal Slug 3.


The Drill Slug is a drilling machine designed to dig tunnels. The drill on the chassis will automatically activate whenever something touches it, but it can also be extended for fast drilling. The main problem is that it is very slow and is unable to jump, but this is compensated with it's ability to lift the cockpit, which will then give a higher profile and be able to avoid incoming fire.


  • Unlike other slugs, if the player stays in the slug as it explodes, it gives the same death as if the player is hit by the acid attack of snail, maggots, or large caterpillars in mid air.
  • It has a special animation for killing Big Snails.

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