Dragunov is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack. She first appeared during the Extra Ops titled "Code: Assault".


Dragunov sports a yellowish ponytail, and wears a green bikini alongside her dog-tags, black gloves, and green military pants. She rides a modified Hover Unit which can fire a powerful laser cannon, and is herself armed with a large sniper rifle. Like Yoshino, a fellow Ptolemaic commando, she's taller than most characters and quite well muscled.

Her left eye appears to've been permanently closed by a large scar.

Character Summary

Due to her cold and harsh personality, she was able to be promoted as one of the commanders in the Ptolemaic Army. According to her infobox, she is the strictest person with enforcing the rules of the Ptolemaic Army.

She is also on good terms with Yoshino. In fact, Dragunov states that Yoshino is the number one person with which she doesn't want to open hostilities against. Dragunov is also friendly with Caroline, often looking after the younger mechanic like a little sister. She seems to have a strong rivalry with Veronica, and often compete in physical activities or piloting vehicles. Sisilia typically finds herself caught in the middle between them.

Despite losing her left eye she's one of their best snipers, being able to pilot her custom Hover Unit whilst firing.


After Ptolemaic overheard Regular Army secret is stolen, she was send to investigate and retrieve a "Mysterious Box" that kept by Amadeus. After the decisive battle against him, she finally defeat him and succesfully steal that box. But then Amadeus activate a self destruct sequence on his base and causing numerous explosions. During the escape, the soldier that was carrying the box on his Hover Unit was reached by an explosion and dropped the box on the confusion, what suggest the mission failure.

She then later appear assisting Yoshino escape from numerous self destructing Amadeus Robot.


  • A maxed-level Dragunov is extremely effective against larger and tougher units, due to the fact that her large-caliber sniper can deal massive damage.
  • If the player unlocks her fourth skill, she's able to proceed on foot should her hover unit be destroyed.
  • In the Ending cutscene of the Extra Ops: Destroy the Tower, Dragunov can be seen saving Yoshino from the self-destructing Amadeus robots.
  • Both in game and character illustration of her Everlasting Summer appearance, she wears a same green bikini but without her pants.
  • Her Sniper rifle is based on the real life Denel NTW-20 sniper rifle.
  • Her appearance is based on Yoko Littner from the anime, Gurren Lagann.
  • She and Yoshino is believed to be very strong because they can carry their weapons with only one hand.



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