The Dragon Nosuke is the third boss from Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X.


The Dragon Nosuke is a quadruped tank, designed to protect the Rebel Supply Train with minigun and flamethrowers. The tank is also equipped with hydraulics above its leg. that allow it to crouch, crushing anyone or anything underneath with its weight.


The players fight the tank in a speeding train, with it moving at high speed to keeping up with the speeding train. This boss resembles a spider, working like the Iron Nokana in most ways. The main weapon is the minigun in the front, which is its primary armament. Sometimes the Dragon Nosuke uses the engines above its "feet" to sit down on the train, squashing any players who were hiding underneath. Also, like the Iron Nokana, the Nosuke is armed with a heavy flamethrower, which pops out at the bottom, so the player shouldn't get too close. It can also shoot ball of flame from its cannon, and even send the flying fireball that follow you.

Note: Both the Gold Metal Slug and the Slug Flyer will be provided for the player earlier for the boss fight. However, the player will have the choice to ride either one of them. With two players, each player will ride on the Slug Flyer and the Metal Slug to double the power for the boss fight. However, if the player uses either the Slug Flyer or Metal Slug (or both), the boss will use its minigun more often and faster, or shoot fireballs and flying fireballs faster. If the player is fighting it on hard difficulty, this boss is noticeably extra difficult, and as it sustains more and more damage, may even begin to release flying fireballs although there is no Slug Flyer.

Dragon Nosuke 2 Artwork

Dragon Nosuke


Md 039

Concept art showing Dragon Nosuke's wheels.

  • Although it isn't stated, it is apparent that the Dragon Nosuke is physically attached to the actual train in some way, since it has no visible feet, and its legs do not move despite the fact that, were it not fused to the train, it would have to be moving quickly in order to keep up with the speeding train it is fighting the player on.
  • In the original in-game sprite tiles, the boss' feet were wheels, making it look physically impossible to keep up with a speeding train. This is also why the current sprites are cut off at the bottom.
    • In Metal Slug Defense, the wheels appear clearly while fighting it.
  • A modified version of Dragon Nosuke appears behind in one of the stages of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.
  • In the PlayStation version of Metal Slug X, the final boss theme, Final Attack, plays when you fight Dragon Nosuke. In other versions, the Assault Theme plays instead.
  • In Metal Slug Defense Map View, this boss can be fought at Northern France.
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