Destrade is a new unit introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

Destrade was originally a mercenary that was renowned for her bravery in battle. This prompted Allen O'Neil to find and recruit her to the Rebel Army's cause. Because he respects her greatly, she likewise shows a large amount of respect for him. She gets along with those who are friends with Allen O'Neil and shows no mercy to his enemies.


First appearing in the Extra Ops titled "No Limit", she is deployed into battle to fight the Ptolemaic Army. Upon hearing that Allen O'Neil has been grievously wounded, she presumes him killed and attempts to avenge him by killing Caroline, the highest ranked Ptolemaic in the battle.

Overwhelming Caroline and attempting to land the finishing blow, she is blocked by Yoshino, who evacuates her comrade. Destrade's grief is dissolved by the re-appearance of Allen, who reminds her that he is the Immortal Devil Sergeant and that mere impalement and electrocution (ie, the attacks of Caro's Augensterm) can't finish him. Her relieved bearhug, on the other hand...



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