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Metal slug 3

The Desert Ruins are located in the middle of what presumably is a South American desert and is the place where Mission 4 of Metal Slug 3 takes place.


Initially the player will ride the Camel Slug to fight against some Rebel Army forces. Then the landscape background will show that the aforementioned troops had installed a base near an ancient pyramid to presumably make biological experiments, with plants which went wrong and become Man Eaters and other mutated fauna.

This mission is the one which probably contains most alternate routes. These are:

Pyramid route: if after discovering the outbreak the player decides to go up, the path will lead him to climb up the ruins. Through in this route many Man Eaters will be faced as well as some Huge Locusts. Some stone statues resembling an ancient culture will be seen on the background as progress is made.

Mummy route: when reaching the top of the ruins, the player can choose to pull a lever and open an entrance that leads inside the ruins. In this place Mummies and Dog Mummies will be found. The player will then arrive to an abandoned storage area where vegetation has covered all the place: here the player must collect enough energy cells by killing more Man Eaters in order to open the device´s door.


Quick boss route: the player can disregard the lever and keep going straight to the waterfall that leads to a stone chimney that leads the player down to face the boss.

Division 6 route: if the player chooses to go down, he will initially travel through a wine storage area where some Man Eaters had been living. Then a Japanese-like capsule will be entered and it will take the player to an old hideout where the Division 6 of the Samurai Army had been living without knowing that the Second Modern War was over.

Cenotaph route: after entering the wine storage area and before choosing to go straight, the player can choose to pull another lever (similar to the upper path) and go underground. Here the player will discover bugs that mutated due to the toxic wastes and established their nest. Initially Maggots and a new blue-colored variant of Chowmein-Conga will be faced but later, as the player goes deeper inside the nest, Giant Caterpillars and Big Snails will appear too. Only in this area the Drill Slug can be found and used.

Metal Slug 3 Ingame 12

Regardless of path chosen, the player will always meet Sol Dae Rokker at the end.

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