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There are a huge variety of deaths in Metal Slug. This is a list of most of them.


  • Knockback: One of the most common deaths in Metal Slug. It is caused by bullets, explosions, crushed, and many other things. No blood is created.
  • Cutting: Another of the most common deaths. It is obvious by getting attacked by knifes and swords. The player Stumbles down and lay on the ground. Blood is created.
  • Stabbing: A minor death only found in Metal Slug 2 and X. Caused by getting hit from the swords thrown by the Arabians. The males' frames are similiar to their cut death but the females are a whole different death. Blood is created.
  • Burning: Death cause by getting hit by fire or falling into. The frames are the same as the Knockback death except that the player is one fire. No blood is created.
  • Electrocutation: Death by being electrocuted. The player is thrown in the air and falls down. No blood is created.
  • Mummy Death: Cause by being killed by a mummy once turned into a mummy. The death is like the burned death except that the flames are purple.
  • Submerged Drown: Death when killed underwater. The character's body will swim upward after death. The male's body will lie upside down after being killed underwater, whereas the female's body will lie downside up.
  • Drowning: Death when the player's character falls onto a large body of water. The player's character will try to swim up and cry for help and will soon drown.
  • Acid (ground): Death when got puked by acid maggots/big snails in Metal Slug 3. The male's frames are similiar to cut death except that they melt to only skeletons. The females clothes will melt off revealing their naked bodies.
  • Acid (air): Death when got puked by acid in the air. The frames are similar for males when got hit in the air except that they melt to only skeletons. The female's pants will melt off when they drop to the ground, revealing their butts.
  • Zombie (ground): Death when hit by a zombie bile while in zombie form, The males will fall apart while the females will dissolve into purple blood starting from the head. Also their death screams are garbled, except in Metal Slug 4, where Trevor and Nadia's death screams are echoed instead.(Need more explanation for this death animation step by step like the locust death.)
  • Zombie (air): Death when hit by a zombie bile in air while in zombie form, The death is similar to the enemy zombies except the blood is colored purple.
  • Fall: Death when you fall of the stage.
  • Eaten (Locusts): Death when caught and devoured by a Locusts. The death occurs when the player's character is captured by a Locusts and he/she is bitten numerous times by the Locust who caught him/her until they die and the Locust lets their corpse go and fall on the ground below. If a male character is caught, the falling animation is different. As his corpse falls, the position of the corpse is a regular upward stance when he hits the ground, with the jacket of the male spread out along with the arms and legs. If a female character is caught, the falling animation is similar, but when she hits the ground, the left arm is a but close to the body while the right remains unchanged, the position of legs are different as the left is now on top of the right with the right left being a bit curved.
  • Drowning (Flying Killers): Similar to the Drowning death, the only difference is that the player's character will get eaten alive by Flying Killers. The last segment of the death shows the player's character with no more than just a skeletal remain.
  • Eaten (Man Eater): Death when devoured by a Man Eater. The death occurs when a man eater successfully snags and bites the player(s), eating them whole. Either the left or right hand of the player(s) character can be seen before being swallowed.
  • Knockback (Fat): This death only occurs if the characters are in their fat form. Each death is similar, except for their screams. If they are hit by an hostile object, the character's will seemingly 'pop' into nothing after this.
  • Knockback Air (Fat): Similar to the Fat Knockback death, except this occurs in the air. There are no difference betwen the two except for the position.
  • Freeze: This death is only unique to Metal Slug 2 and X. This death occurs if the player's character falls onto the icy water of the Final Mission, encasing them in ice, simultaneously freezing them to death.
  • Knockback (Space): This death is unique to Metal Slug 3. This death only occurs in the Final Mission's space part and from inside the Mothership. If the player's character is either hit by a laser beam by the Martians or crushed to death by the Asteroids, the death will act like the Knockback Air animation, except that the player's character will only drift afar from within space, never landing onto any solid platform.
  • Slug Death: This death occurs if the player's character does not get out of the Slug that he/she is riding after it has sustained massive damage overtime. If the player does not act fast to get out of the Slug of whatever it is, the Slug will explode and the player's character will either play the knockback or burn death animation, depending on what type of Slug the player did not get out of.
  • Ceiling Plant Eater Death: This death is unique to Metal Slug 7 and XX. This death only occurs if the player's character is caught in one of the two tentacles of the Ceiling Plants in Mission 4. If they are caught, the tentacles will bring the player's character to the mouth and it will eat the player's character whole, leaving only their clothes behind after.
  • Slug Gigant Death: This death is unique to Metal Slug 7 and XX. This death only occurs if the player's character dies after the Slug Gigant has been damaged for too long against Allen O'Neil or the Rebel Army. It will act like the burning death animation, except that the Slug Gigant will play along, as it will sit down after losing its Pilot(s).

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