Deadly Assault is the twenty-first mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Only Gimlet has access to this stage. One prisoner exists in this mission.

Mission Synopsis

After the battle with Macba, Gimlet is given orders to destroy a fuel factory that is the source for the Rebel rocket. Gimlet uses the Slug Flyer and traverses through a valley. Destruction of the Slug Flyer at any point ends the mission prematurely and is considered Incomplete. The source of the fuel is a cylinder that slowly descends underground. The hatch over the source that leads to the end clear will not open if the source is not destroyed, resulting in an immediate crash of the Slug Flyer.

Pre-mission Call

Confirmed members of Phantom… Sending info on the rocket fuel factory now.
Data received. Wait a bit until orders are given.….. This is a real factory… OK. Orders to attack factory issued. Data’s been sent to Slug Flyer.
Roger! Beginning attack. So I must hit the central vent. I’ve got 1 chance.


  • Mission Complete: Proceeds to Mission 23 (Tundra King).
  • Mission Incomplete: Proceeds to Mission 25 (Free Fall).


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