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MSA Daily

Daily is a set of tasks offering generous rewards for staying active in Metal Slug Attack. Without paying real money one can get in one day (refreshes at 0400 server time) (after unlocking all of the game modes):

List of Daily Quests

Icon Task Reward
MSA daily 0Daily Access One Time
MSA daily Attack! Standard Clear 1
Standard Mission
MSA daily Attack! Elite Clear 1
Elite Mission
MSA daily Sortie Points Refill 120 Sortie Points
for 30 Medals
MSA daily Attack! Boss Clear 1
Day Specific Mission
MSA daily Battle Try 1 [as of 1.3.0]
MSA daily Team Battle Try 1 [as of 1.3.0]
Team Battle
MSA daily Win 1 Win 1 [as of 1.3.0]
Battle or Team Battle
MSA daily Win 3 Win 3 [as of 1.3.0]
Battle or Team Battle
MSA daily Online Try 1 [as of 1.4.0]
Online Match
  • 30 Medals
MSA daily Combat School Pass 1 [as of 1.3.0]
Training Program
in Combat School
MSA daily P.O.W. Rescue Clear 1
P.O.W. Rescue stage
MSA daily Treasure Hunt Begin 1
Treasure Hunt
MSA daily Mystery Crank Try 1
Mystery Crank
MSA daily Guild Raid Try 1
Guild Raids
MSA daily Soldier Camp Set up 1 unit
at the Soldier Camp
MSA daily Monthly Card Own a
Monthly Card
MSA daily 05 Complete 5
daily quests
MSA daily 10 Complete 10
daily quests
  • 60 Sortie Points [as of 1.3.0].
    • The official Japanese MSA site lists this in their 1.3.0 patch notes as 120 SP, whether it is a bug in-game or a typo in their post is unknown.
MSA daily All Complete 15 [as of 1.4.0]
daily quests
Metal Slug Attack
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